Gallup operates out of 6 city centers in Europe and collects data in 37 countries across the region

Gallup has been active in Europe since 1937. Today, we operate from seven European capitals and collect data in 37 countries across the region. Gallup helps leaders at every level of business, government, and society to understand the attitudes and behaviours of their constituencies.

Throughout Europe, Gallup delivers cutting-edge client service and research and measurement-based strategic advice to client organisations. Our hubs in Brussels and Budapest offer evidence-based policy research services while those in Berlin and London focus on improving organisational performance through research-based consulting, education, and capability building.

Gallup serves all stakeholder groups ranging from European national governments and the European Union's institutions and agencies, to global businesses, international institutions, academia, and civil society organizations.

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Berlin, Germany

Markgrafenstr. 42
10117 Berlin, Germany
tel: +49-30-39-40-51-0
fax: +49-30-39-40-51-101

Bucharest, Romania

Strada Clucerului 35
Sector 1
Bucuresti cp 011363
tel: +40-21-31814-97
fax: +40-21-31855-60

London, United Kingdom

The Adelphi
1-11 John Adam Street
12th Floor
London WC2N, United Kingdom
tel: +44-207-950-4400
fax: +44-207-950-4402


Baltic Surveys, Ltd.
Smolensko 10A
Vilnius, LT-03201, Lithuania
tel: +370-5-212-0104
fax: +370-5-212-7145


10, rue Willy Goergen
L-1636, Luxembourg

Warsaw, Poland

ul. Krzywickiego 34
02-078 Warszawa, Poland
tel: +48-22-622-41-32
fax: +48-22-622-67-16

Gallup News

Country Well-Being Varies Greatly Worldwide

Country Well-Being Varies Greatly Worldwide

Thriving levels in different elements of well-being varied worldwide in 2013. Panamanians have the highest levels, while Syrians and Afghans have the lowest. Regionally, residents of sub-Saharan Africa are least likely to be thriving.

Confidence in Banks Slow to Return in Bailout Countries

Although fears about the eurozone's collapse are receding, most residents in bailout countries still do not put much faith in their financial institutions. So far, trust is returning only in Ireland.


While most of the country's employees report being satisfied at work, only 15% are engaged with their jobs. This has significant ramifications for the German economy.

Many executives want greater levels of performance and profitability. But you can't lead teams toward those goals if you don't know how to get there.
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