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Snapshot: Approval of Congress Falls After Two Shutdowns

After a slight bump in approval in January following the passage of tax reform, ratings of Congress are back in the teens.

Snapshot: U.S. Congressional Job Approval at 18%

Eighteen percent of Americans approve of the job the U.S. Congress is doing, matching the average rating the current Congress has received since January 2017.

Congress Approval Remains at 16% in September

Americans' approval of Congress is unchanged at 16% in September, tied for the lowest rating of 2017.

2017 Congressional Job Approval Average Remains Low

In 2017, U.S. congressional job approval averaged 19% -- slightly higher than in 2016 because of improved ratings from Republicans.

Approval of Parties in Congress Near Record Lows

Americans' job approval ratings of the Republicans (20%) and Democrats (31%) in Congress are at or near the low points in Gallup's trend.

Congress Approval Lowest Since July 2016, at 13%

Americans' approval of Congress ebbed further in October to 13% and is now the lowest since July 2016.

Americans' Approval of Congress Remains Low, Steady

One in five U.S. adults say they approve of Congress, unchanged from June. Republicans and Democrats express low levels of approval, but Republicans are more positive.

Republicans' Approval of Congress Drops to New 2017 Low

About one in six Republicans (16%) approve of the job Congress is doing, down from 28% in July and 50% in February.

Americans' Approval of Congress Unchanged in May

One in five Americans approve of Congress, unchanged since April. However, Republicans' approval of the body has declined 22 percentage points since February.

Americans Remain Negative on Tax Bill After Its Passage

The recently passed tax law remains unpopular and congressional job approval remains low, at 20%.
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