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In the News: Billy Graham on 'Most Admired' List 61 Times

Beginning with his first appearance in 1955, evangelist Billy Graham appeared on Gallup's Top 10 "Most Admired" list 61 times, far more than any other person.

Americans Not Convinced U.S. Needs to Spend More on Defense

The majority of Americans say the U.S. is spending about the right amount or too much on defense. A majority also say U.S. military strength is about right or stronger than it needs to be.

In the News: Netanyahu's Image Improved Before Controversy

Before the latest corruption allegations against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 52% of Israelis approved of him and 49% of Americans viewed him favorably.

U.S. Satisfaction With World Standing Hits 13-Year High

Americans' satisfaction with the United States' position in the world is at a 13-year high, but most still think President Donald Trump's world standing is dismal.

U.S. Leadership Image Suffers Most Among Friendly Nations

The most significant declines in U.S. leadership approval between 2016 and 2017 occurred in freer nations connected to the U.S. through a dense network of political and economic ties.

North Korea Surges to Top of U.S. Enemies List

Just over half of Americans cite North Korea as the United States' greatest enemy, more than triple the percentage who said this in 2016.

Obama's First Retrospective Job Approval Rating Is 63%

Barack Obama's first retrospective job approval rating trails only those of John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

Inside the Free Fall in U.S. Leadership Ratings in 2017

Approval of U.S. leadership under the Trump administration dropped worldwide, particularly among educated, higher-income and urban adults.

Satisfaction With Quality of Environment in U.S. at New Low

Americans are slightly more likely to be dissatisfied (52%) than satisfied (45%) with the quality of the environment in the U.S.

Majority Remains Satisfied With Acceptance of Gays in U.S.

A majority of Americans remain satisfied with the acceptance of gays and lesbians in the U.S., but 23% are dissatisfied because they seek more acceptance.
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