The Gallup Panel is one of the few research panels that is representative of the entire U.S. population. All members of this proprietary in-house, probability-based panel are recruited via random digit dial (RDD) methodology or address-based sampling (ABS). These proven methods ensure scientific integrity and results that can be accurately projected to the total U.S. population for unmatched confidence when you are making crucial decisions.

With the advent of the Internet, the term "panel" has become synonymous with opt-in web panels. Opt-in panels consist of a list of individuals who have signed up at a website to take surveys, often in exchange for prizes or incentives.

The Gallup Panel is very different from opt-in panels. The panel uses multiple survey modes (mail, web, SMS and phone) to reach the right audience and the best research mode for each person to accurately report their opinions. Gallup's methods result in more accurate representation of the general public and higher quality responses.

The Gallup Panel includes approximately 100,000 individuals. Currently, 80,000 panel members complete surveys via the web. Gallup recruits new members on an ongoing basis to replenish demographic segments that have left the panel.

Gallup maintains extensive profiles for each panel member to use for custom research, target low-incidence populations, gain in-depth understanding of a particular industry or social issues, and track longitudinal changes in member behavior and opinions.

Gallup Panel research can help our clients with various projects, including the following topic areas:

Social Research-Based Consulting

  • studying the attitudes, values and behaviors of specific populations
  • gauging reactions to major current events or issues
  • tracking public opinion
  • understanding the effect of current or proposed legislation and policy

Market Research-Based Consulting

  • defining discrete market segments
  • tracking brand awareness, acceptance and engagement
  • assessing key market drivers and testing concept validity
  • developing or refining key product positioning and messaging

Custom Research-Based Consulting Applications

  • developing and managing custom panels for ongoing proprietary research
  • studying and tracking a sample group