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Analytics-Based Hiring

Predictive Analytics for Human Capital

Early identification of high-potential stars.

Stars create growth.

Companies have an immediate opportunity to attract talented job seekers, but they may also be in danger of losing their own stars. To compete for top talent, organizations need a comprehensive human capital strategy -- one that accounts for every aspect of a star's journey.

With a unique emphasis on innate talent and strengths, Gallup has helped the world's top companies select the best of the best. Businesses that select the top 20% of candidates from our talent-based assessments achieve lower turnover, among other improved business outcomes.

Gallup offers much more than a selection tool. We provide analytics and advice to change the way organizations attract, select and develop high performers through seven crucial areas of human capital management: align, attract, recruit, assess, hire, onboard and develop.

70+ years of selection expertise.

Employees who receive strengths-based development realize as much as an 18% increase in their performance.

Assessments conducted in more than 60 countries and more than 30 languages.

Predictive analytics that improve human capital strategies.

Gallup helps organizations understand each candidate's talent profile through an easy-to-understand report.

Gallup provides talent profiles through easy-to-understand reporting.

Gallup's human capital approach is based on three essential principles:

  • Start with innate talent. We define talent as an inherent capacity for near-perfect performance.
  • Develop strengths. Gallup finds that people and organizations perform best when individuals focus on developing their strengths versus focusing on their weaknesses.
  • Transform hiring and development. We provide analytics and advice in seven crucial areas of human capital management.

Talent and Engagement Accelerate Performance

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Selecting and Retaining Top Sales Talent Leads to Positive Business Outcomes

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Creating Cultural Change Through Talent-Based Hiring

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Does Talent Really Make a Difference?

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How Millennials Want to Work and Live Abridged Report

Based on more than 25 studies, Gallup's extensive report provides an in-depth look at what defines the millennial generation as employees, people and consumers.

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State of the American Workplace

Gallup's latest report on the American workplace includes an overview of the trend in U.S. employee engagement and information about how companies can accelerate employee engagement.

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State of the Global Workplace

From Gallup's ongoing study of workplaces in more than 140 countries, this report provides insights into what leaders can do to improve employee engagement and performance in their companies.

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State of the American Manager

Based on four decades of extensive talent research, Gallup's report provides an in-depth look at what characterizes great managers and what goes into finding, hiring and developing these stars.

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Analytics & Advice

Maximize Human Capital

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