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Performance Management

Improve Performance Management

Create a culture that equips, inspires and improves performance.

Employees want a coach, not a boss.

Gallup provides a broad range of services to companies aiming to re-engineer their performance management approach.

To learn more about the research behind our offerings, read our research paper, Re-Engineering Performance Management.


  • conduct a review of your current process, metrics and performance management approaches
  • provide analytics and advice on adjusting the way you measure and evaluate performance
  • offer educational content and courses that prepare leaders and managers to apply new performance development practices
  • introduce tools and activities that equip leaders, managers and individuals to meet new performance-related needs
  • meet with organizational leaders and offer keynote speeches to share research and insights that create exceptional workplace

Re-Engineering Performance Management

Learn why traditional performance management systems are under the microscope, and how to improve them at your organization.

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How Millennials Want to Work and Live

Discover what millennials want and what that means for the future of your organization.

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State of the American Workplace

Understand everything that matters most about the changes in the modern workforce.

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Analytics & Advice

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Explore customized performance management solutions that will improve your organization's business outcomes.


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