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The Gallup World Poll

In every corner of the earth, the Gallup World Poll tracks the issues that matter most to society, such as access to food, employment, safety, and leadership performance. Using the powerful data acquired from the World Poll, Gallup can analyze how crucial world events affect people's lives - events such as the Arab Spring, the situation in Syria, and the global economic meltdown.

The World Poll is based on an innovative framework called the Gallup Macroeconomic Path, which outlines a behavioral economic model for the well-being of societies. Each point on the Path links back to a series of survey questions that Gallup asks in nearly every country in the world. This approach makes it possible to track historical trends and make direct cross-country comparisons.

The methodology that backs the World Poll is the unsurpassed. Gallup conducts nationally representative surveys face to face or via the telephone in more than 160 countries and in more than 140 languages, covering the emerging and developed world in places ranging from Germany to Turkmenistan to Saudi Arabia to Brazil.

Prestigious organizations and many well-known academics use the World Poll to inform their research and shape their work, either by accessing the World Poll raw data, interacting with advanced,aggregate data through Gallup Analytics, or adding questions to the global survey to create a new global data set for a specific set of indicators. Gallup also conducts custom analytics for organizations on a proprietary basis.

Groundbreaking projects that have used the Gallup World Poll data include:

Dr. George Gallup notably said, "If democracy is about the will of the people, shouldn't someone find out what that will is?" In 2005, Gallup embarked this mission to measure the will of every person living in every corner of the earth with the creation of a major initiative known as the Gallup World Poll. Through the World Poll, Gallup has successfully captured the on-the-ground reality of more than 1.5 million people to date. The Gallup World Poll has become the global gold standard of worldwide polling.

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The Greatest World Poll Discoveries

Gale Muller, Ph.D., vice chairman and general manager of the Gallup World Poll, reveals some of Gallup's greatest discoveries from the more than 1 million interviews it has conducted with citizens worldwide. He highlights metrics that indicate the potential for social unrest and new ways of assessing global employment.
The Gallup World Poll

Gale Muller, Ph.D., vice chairman and general manager of the Gallup World Poll, explains how Gallup scientifically measures the will of the people in 160 countries. Muller also discusses the mission behind Gallup's World Poll.

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Country Well-Being Varies Greatly Worldwide

Country Well-Being Varies Greatly Worldwide

Thriving levels in different elements of well-being varied worldwide in 2013. Panamanians have the highest levels, while Syrians and Afghans have the lowest. Regionally, residents of sub-Saharan Africa are least likely to be thriving.

Confidence in Banks Slow to Return in Bailout Countries

Although fears about the eurozone's collapse are receding, most residents in bailout countries still do not put much faith in their financial institutions. So far, trust is returning only in Ireland.


Because gross domestic product follows "gross national well-being," leaders need to understand what well-being tells us, the impact it has on citizens, and most importantly, how to increase it.
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