Across most of the world, the percentage of adults with great jobs rarely tops 10%

U.S. leadership gets highest approval ratings, Russia lowest

72% of the world smiled yesterday

Brazil's once-rapid growth has slowed considerably, but the country could get a boost if its businesses focus on sustaining and increasing employee engagement levels.

Billions worldwide are giving back to their communities

by Ben Ryan

Young women generally report more negative life experiences than young men worldwide. This gender gap disappears, however, as their life experiences improve with full-time jobs.

Global Leaders -- Make "Great Job" Creation a Top Priority

More than six in 10 people worldwide say they have confidence in their local police

by Emily Massel

To achieve the greater economic inclusion that Mexico needs, schools and government should work together -- casting a wider net to find and develop a new generation of business leaders that spans regions and socioeconomic classes.

Latin America Leads the World in Emotions