Per capita GDP has grown 1% per year from 2007 to 2015

A majority of Americans in 1939 were drawn to the ideas of "big businessmen" to help the country overcome the economic problems of the Great Depression.

Strengths initiatives come to life when workers go beyond discovering their individual strengths and form strengths communities.

Consumers' average daily spending over Black Friday weekend was on par with the higher levels Gallup has seen in recent years.

Women and men share many CliftonStrengths themes, but women rank higher in Relationship Building themes.

Women are more engaged at work than men are -- and female managers are better at engaging employees.

Americans' confidence in the U.S. economy soared after the election, mostly because Republicans became much less negative about the economy's outlook.

Top-quartile business units have 50% higher revenue/sales than those in the bottom quartile.

No single explanation can account for the differences in men's and women's paychecks, but two reasons stand out.

Though less pronounced than in the past, the gender pay gap still exists and has barely budged in over a decade.

When companies consistently talk about strengths concepts, employees use their strengths more often.