Consumers' average daily spending over Black Friday weekend was on par with the higher levels Gallup has seen in recent years.

Customers in China most want financial advice from banks. Digital expansion is not the solution to engaging customers.

Americans' confidence in the U.S. economy soared after the election, mostly because Republicans became much less negative about the economy's outlook.

Banks should implement five strategies to deliver seamless channel experiences for customers.

Customer engagement strategies should be well-rounded -- but ultimately revolve around providing perfect channel experiences.

Financial leaders need to find digital-ready customers and then increase their adoption of digital channels.

Aggressive channel expansion does not enhance engagement. Satisfying customers in every channel interaction does.

The best companies make a strategic choice to engage customers or satisfy them -- or both.

Americans anticipate spending $785 on Christmas gifts this year, consistent with their estimates since 2013. Nearly nine in 10 U.S. adults intend to spend something.