May 16-22, 2016
Gallup Good Jobs 45.4% +0.2
Underemployed 13.7% -0.1
Unemployed 5.3% -
Job Creation Index 33 +1
Economic Confidence Index -15 -1
Consumer Spending $92 -1
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71% of Millennials Are Either Not Engaged or Actively Disengaged at Work

U.S. small-business owners' optimism about their business situation is mostly unchanged from earlier this year and matches the level of optimism found one year ago.

Sixty-three percent of U.S. workers believe it is likely that they would find a job just as good as the one they have now if they were laid off. This percentage is back up to pre-recession levels after falling to 42% in 2010.

The majority of small-business owners do not feel the presidential candidates are discussing issues of importance to them. Owners are paying close attention to the election, and half feel the outcome of the election will have a major impact on their business.

Lydia Saad, senior editor at Gallup, will lead the Webinar "Analyzing Gallup's Economic Confidence Index".

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