by Frank Newport

Protestants are more likely to be positive about Trump than Clinton, while the reverse is true of Catholics, but these views differ significantly when these two groups are divided by race and ethnicity.

by V. Lance Tarrance

Unable to transform their images with voters, the 2016 presidential candidates will likely focus on vilifying their opponent in an unprecedented race to the bottom that could agitate voters enough to turbo-boost turnout.

by Frank Newport and Andrew Dugan

As Bernie Sanders finds himself under increased pressure from major Democratic figures to quit the presidential primary, he remains more popular among national Democrats than does Hillary Clinton.

by Frank Newport

Despite an editorial emphasis on a "divided" Republican Party, the significant majority of rank-and-file Republicans like Donald Trump and say it's likely they will vote for him.

by Frank Newport

Republicans' views of Ted Cruz are now at a new low, with 39% viewing him favorably and 45% unfavorably. This reflects a steep slide in his image over the last couple of weeks. Donald Trump's image is up to +24 among Republicans.

by Frank Newport and Lydia Saad

Despite some contentions to the contrary, evidence shows that at this time in the 1980 campaign year, Ronald Reagan's image was significantly more positive than Trump's image is now.

by Frank Newport

Hillary Clinton drops to her lowest net favorable rating among Democrats since Gallup began tracking her in July. Both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump return to near their all-time lows among Republicans.