Leadership and Succession

Businesses must address this leadership shortage if they're going to capitalize on the region's projected rapid growth.

35% of U.S. Managers Are Engaged in Their Jobs

Developing ASEAN's Future Leaders Today

Big Gallup findings include why great managers are so rare --- and why employee satisfaction doesn't matter, among others.

Engagement is alarmingly low among senior leaders in the region. If they're going to grow in the next decade, Asian companies must develop an effective leadership pipeline now.

How engaged workplaces drive job creation. Lowering healthcare and absenteeism costs. And: Is college worth it? These are among the topics the GBJ covered during the past 12 months.

Companies shouldn't assume that "leadership" only applies to their chief officers. In fact, businesses must find the right people to fill four distinct types of leadership roles.

You can't always trust your brain to make the right calls -- and you can't trust your gut either. It's much better to develop solid data and use them to inform your decisions.

So says Nationwide's CEO -- and great executives know how to inspire both. Here, Steve Rasmussen tells how his company builds workplace engagement among all kinds of employees.

Not every kind of experience makes emerging leaders better -- and the most valuable kinds are rare. Here's how to identify and create breakthrough development experiences for high-potential leaders.

Here's the best way to let emerging leaders know about their potential -- and your plans to develop it -- without alienating their colleagues. The key: Use objective and public criteria.

Restoring confidence in banks. Managing your workforce amid intense uncertainty. Making government more efficient. These are among the most urgent and timely topics the GBJ covered during 2012.

These enterprises face a big problem: Who will run their companies in the future? Those that neglect formal succession-planning processes and leadership development risk making bad decisions.

Mentor, train, and develop your managers, says Raad Al-Saady, an executive at one of Saudi Arabia's biggest companies. But if they don't improve, neither will the company.

The most effective and scientific way to select and develop your company's future leaders.