Across Most of the World, the Percentage of Adults With Great Jobs Rarely Tops 10%

Mexico City looks to build its economy by identifying and developing high school students with high entrepreneurial talent.

by Julie Ray

Gallup's new report, the 2016 Global Great Jobs Report, offers the latest update on the real jobs situation in more than 130 countries. The report reveals where the good -- and great -- jobs are and where the greatest deficits remain.

72% of the World Smiled Yesterday

Americans applauded John F. Kennedy's job performance after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, but they showed modest to little interest in further efforts to remove Fidel Castro from power. Most supported a trade embargo.

Brazil's once-rapid growth has slowed considerably, but the country could get a boost if its businesses focus on sustaining and increasing employee engagement levels.

by Jon Clifton, Managing Director, Global Analytics

Global Leaders -- Make "Great Job" Creation a Top Priority

by Andrew Rzepa and Jennifer Robison

Proper data collection is essential to ensure no one worldwide is left behind, especially the 15% of the world's population that experiences significant disabilities.

Some of Chile's best opportunities to boost productivity may lie in maximizing the talents and skills of its existing workers.

Latin America Leads the World in Emotions