Only 28% of Malaysian banking customers are fully engaged

Malaysian banks are doomed to stagnant growth if they fail to appeal to millennial consumers.

Banks in Thailand are struggling to engage customers -- especially millennials -- amid rapid economic and technological changes.

61% of Thai banking customers are indifferent to their primary bank

61% ของลูกค้าธนาคารรู้สึกเฉยๆกับธนาคารหลักที่พวกเขาใช้บริการอยู่

by Andrew Rzepa

A new report from the United Nations on the world's progress on sustainable development goals features data that Gallup collected on behalf of its clients FAO and World Bank on world hunger and financial inclusion.

U.S. investors split into two camps in the method they prefer for interacting with the financial services firm that handles their investments. Fifty percent rely on digital options, while 47% say the branch or telephone is most important.

How Bank Central Asia grew into one of Southeast Asia's largest and most profitable banks after the crisis of 1997.

To engage millennials, financial leaders need first to understand what is -- and isn't -- true about their banking behaviors.

by Leora Klapper and Ruth Goodwin-Groen

Digital financial services are instrumental in improving women's financial autonomy and economic participation. There are vital steps that women, governments and the private sector can take to boost this financial inclusion.

Online banking may decrease costs for banks, but it could result in lower customer engagement and revenue loss.

When customers strongly agree that their bank looks out for their financial well-being, 84% are fully engaged.

by Beth Youra

Gallup recently asked more than 6,000 banking customers the following, "If you had to give up one aspect of your relationship with your bank, the digital or the personal, which one would you give up?"

by Kris Hodgins

Banks provide an increasing number of financial services outside of traditional deposits and credit, yet many customers do not take full advantage of these services.

by Beth Youra

Time and again, our clients tell us that solving customer problems is critical to their business. The impetus for their concern is largely regulatory and rightfully so, as most banks are concerned with CPFB compliance. But the impact of problem resolution -- or lack thereof -- on customer engagement and overall customer relationship management should not be underestimated.