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Measured by the statement "I have a best friend at work," this element has proven to be incredibly controversial to executives. But those business leaders who think friendships are none of their business don’t understand human nature, according to the authors of 12: The Elements of Great Managing.

When deciding where to put their money, do investors take into account the engagement level of a company's employees? If not, it's time they did. Gallup research has found that higher workplace engagement predicts higher earnings per share among publicly traded businesses. Read our report of these groundbreaking findings.

When corporate leaders say, "Our people are our most valuable asset," they're usually expressing an emotion, not citing evidence. But at B&Q, Europe's largest home improvement retailer, the importance of people is a matter of quantifiable fact. B&Q has amassed statistically valid proof that engaged employees are key to greater productivity and customer engagement, and, by extension, higher profits.