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Leadership Development

Strengths Based Leadership

What is the path to becoming a great leader? It starts with understanding your strengths. Great leaders have a deep knowledge of their own strengths and develop the strengths of their followers. Discover in Strengths Based Leadership how you can leave a positive leadership legacy and inspire your followers. Hear firsthand accounts from some of the most successful organizational leaders in recent history as they discuss how their unique strengths have driven their success.

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Creating An Engaging Workplace

Employee Engagement

Gallup Access

Harness the power of the Gallup Access platform to improve your organization. This triple-threat workplace tool combines Gallup's world-class survey engine, data reporting options and insights from decades of leading science into one robust, easy-to-use online tool.

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All 34 CliftonStrengths Access Code

Discover a complete understanding of who you are when you unlock access to all 34 of your CliftonStrengths themes. Take the CliftonStrengths assessment and reveal your complete profile, including the full list of your themes and their respective descriptions in order of relative dominance.

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Performance Management

Leading High-Performance Teams

At this course, you'll gain the tools, techniques and practical experience you need to manage in ways that are strengths-based, engagement-focused and performance-oriented.

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Manager Training

Accelerated Strengths Coaching

Gallup's flagship certification course will help you understand and apply the principles of strengths-based development to further your coaching services and help your clients learn, grow, develop and achieve personal and professional success.

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