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Drive Employee Engagement

Don't just measure engagement -- create a cultural transformation. Gallup helps you move employee engagement from a "check-the-box" activity to a crucial component of your organizational culture.

The Challenge

Relying solely on measurement to improve performance.

How do you view employee engagement? As a satisfaction survey or as a business strategy?

The former produces a number. The latter produces results.

Employee engagement is fuel for your performance engine. Consider your greatest workplace challenge or boldest initiative, be it reducing turnover, ramping up productivity or changing your brand. You can't meet your goal without first having a strategy in place to engage your employees.

Measurement should be part of that strategy, but a survey alone doesn't change behavior, improve outcomes or lead to cultural change. That's why the challenge of "employee engagement" isn't finding the right survey -- it's knowing what to do after that survey closes.

Our Approach

Create a culture of engaged employees.

Gallup helps you develop, implement and sustain a strategy to create a culture of engaged employees. We do believe that measurement matters, so we provide you with a scientifically validated 12-item survey, the Q12, to assess the state of your engagement. But the survey itself is just a starting point and a checkpoint. Using the survey results, we work with you to make engagement a day-to-day practice, ensuring that you can achieve the business outcomes you're looking for.

Over the course of 30 years, Gallup has partnered with a wide variety of clients to make a culture of engaged employees a reality. The level of engagement among our best clients is more than 15 times the engagement level of workforces globally. You can count on us to steer you clear of common pitfalls and position you to achieve world-class engagement.

Our Solutions

Follow proven best practices.

Gallup's employee engagement solutions are global and scalable -- and they get results. We meet you where you are, meaning we can equip you with tools and resources to get started right away, or we can create and implement a unique strategy for you.

In general, we focus on three areas of best practices in all employee engagement solutions.

Strategic Positioning

Gallup works with your leadership team to align your engagement strategy with your other business and human resources strategies, your employee life cycle, and your overall culture. This alignment enables you to set the tone and direction for your engagement initiative and communicate both why engagement is important and how it connects with your larger vision.


We offer our Q12 employee engagement survey as well as indices and items that assess other performance factors such as inclusiveness, collaboration, accountability and customer orientation. If your leaders need more feedback beyond the employee engagement survey, we give you an easy-to-use tool for administering pulse surveys. Our question bank includes more than 180 approved and tested items.

Change Management

After we take a baseline measurement of your organization, we partner with you to develop a road map based on your needs for improving engagement. We also create sustainability in your strategy through educational offerings, communication and knowledge management strategies, and champion and coaching networks.

Get the best out of people.

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