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Change Your Culture

Gallup aligns the most crucial elements of your organization to help you achieve sustainable cultural change.

The Challenge

Realizing actual change.

How do you define and create your ideal culture?

Culture is one of the most popular topics of conversation in the workplace. Leaders are constantly moving their organization toward an "ideal" culture, like a culture of engaged employees, well-being, strengths or inclusion.

But culture rarely has well-defined edges, making it difficult for organizations to describe their current state, let alone reach their aspired state.

Cultural change requires an understanding of where an organization is and where it wants to go, as well as a legitimate strategy for closing the gap between the two. This understanding doesn't come through a cultural survey or typology. Cultural change requires a wider view of your organization and a comprehensive plan for inspiring new behaviors and beliefs.

Our Approach

Ensure alignment at every level.

Gallup empowers you to achieve cultural transformation. We take a holistic view of culture. We account for how your employees work and live, as well as your reason for being in business and how you project yourself to the world. We consider your complete organizational identity, consisting of your culture, purpose and brand.

Our comprehensive approach to culture creates and solidifies the most crucial component in change management: alignment. We help you align the elements of culture, purpose and brand so everyone in your organization understands your vision and feels connected to it. Your leaders, managers and employees move in the same direction toward the same goals. Alignment generates an unstoppable momentum and allows you to deliver a unique employee and customer experience. It enables you to take cultural change from words to action to performance.

Our Solutions

Connect what it is to what it could be.

Gallup's cultural change solution encompasses three phases of analytics and advice to ensure you realize a differentiated culture that aligns with your purpose and brand.


Gallup conducts a qualitative and quantitative audit of your organization's purpose, brand and culture. The goal of the audit is to understand your organization's aspired purpose, brand and culture and to measure the strength of your current purpose, brand and culture.

Change Management

With your leaders, we discuss the findings of the audit and review recommendations for the implementation stage. Our practical recommendations are tailored to your organization and focused on your most pressing priorities.


The initial audit sets a benchmark for evaluating success. After a set time period or following a specific action, Gallup conducts a remeasurement or post-measurement analysis of your organization to assess progress toward your goals. Based on the results, we make recommendations for further action and return on investment.

Create your ideal culture.

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