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Our Selection Process

This is not your typical interview process. Because Gallup is not your typical employer.

We want to understand what makes you unique and what you love to do so we can ensure that you are an ideal fit for our culture and are in the right position at Gallup.

We commit to giving you the opportunity to do what you do best. Are you ready to invest in us?

Application and Online Assessment

At Gallup, you will never be just a resume.

Beyond the basic information you share with us, you will also complete an online assessment to help us learn more about your innate talents and beliefs.

Our job descriptions highlight the unique characteristics, experiences and responsibilities that are essential to succeed in each role. After finding the position that best fits you, you're ready to apply.

In-Depth Telephone Interview

For some positions, you will be invited to complete a telephone interview.

During this interview, our talent analyst will dive deeper into the talents that come most naturally to you and how you have applied them in your life.

Be you. The way you are is the way we want to know you.

Meet Our Team

We're interested. Now, it's your turn.

If you are a finalist for the position, we will contact you to arrange for a live meeting -- in-person, via video conference or over the phone -- to further explore joining our team.

At this step, you will also have the opportunity to ask us anything you want to make sure we are an ideal match for you.

Are you and Gallup the right fit? Let's find out.

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