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Individualization | Strategic | Achiever | Restorative | Focus Senior Business Development Consultant Irvine, California

"It's so important to me to get to know my clients both as professionals and as people. I work to understand the context of their business and what really matters to them, including their values, mission and vision for the future."

Question & Answer

Q: What do you do at Gallup?

A: My job as a senior business development consultant is to transform and build exceptional workplaces. As a partner to small to midsized organizations across Southern California, I introduce people to the fantastic work that Gallup does and put them in a position to create sustainable change. The majority of my time, I focus on improving and perfecting the employee experience for organizations, including talent-based selection, onboarding and integrating CliftonStrengths®(opens in a new window) and employee engagement(opens in a new window) into businesses.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you at Gallup?

A: Typically, I'm with new clients, building relationships with existing customers and partnering with our international operations teams at Gallup, but how I do that looks different every day. One day I may be out in the field talking to various industries and diverse clients, and the next, I'm presenting in front of large audiences about Gallup's latest workplace insights. Another week, you may find me working with our internal teams on our own team development, and the next, I'll be participating in strengths-based coaching calls. I thrive on the variety, and no day here looks the same; instead, there's constant change and continuous opportunities for improvement.

Q: What made you want to join Gallup?

A: So many people are aware of Gallup's name, brand, presence and reputation for doing fantastic work that is truly transformational. We have incredible data, and this breadth of knowledge in many different areas in the workplace allows us to think about will affect our clients the most maximum. I wanted to focus on what was affecting the contemporary workplace and was excited that there were many types of industries I'd get to work with if I joined Gallup. The idea that I could work with some fantastic organizations in Southern California in a role that allowed me to work on high-level, strategic objectives while developing myself sounded too good to pass up.

Q: What's one of your favorite things about working for Gallup?

A: In addition to the tremendous impact I get to make with clients in Southern California, flexibility and work/life balance are really important to me. When I'm not at work during the day, I'm in an evening MBA program, and I juggle a pretty heavy course load. I'm also really involved in my undergraduate alumni association, and I make sure to fit some physical and community wellbeing into my routine. There are plenty of other workplaces out there in which incorporating all those things in my life would be unrealistic. But at Gallup, my team and our leaders recognize that my background and passions have shaped me into who I am and help me to show up to work and contribute every day.

Q: What qualities do you need to be successful at Gallup?

A: Definitely a natural appetite to learn! In addition, having that internal drive to be successful is crucial. What I see consistently among my colleagues and leaders at Gallup is that they set extremely high expectations for themselves and continue to demand more in a way that's sustainable and helps us grow both as individuals and as a business.

Q: What are some of the most meaningful traditions or office experiences you've had at Gallup?

A: Life at Gallup makes it easy to build relationships and get involved. We all are incredibly busy, but we take the time to prioritize our relationships and our community. Some of my favorite team retreats and outings include a boat cruise in Newport Harbor and a team cooking competition. The people in our Southern California office contribute to and volunteer with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County & the Inland Empire. It's such a great and meaningful way to contribute to the community and help underprivileged children in our area. Regardless of what's going on, we all show up when there is an opportunity to make a positive impact on our community, which I love about our culture.

Q: What's different about Gallup compared with other companies you have worked for?

A: When I was in college, I studied political science and corporate strategy and worked in politics in the early part of my career. I thought that was going to be my career path, but what I learned is that there's just as much, if not more, opportunity to have a positive impact on business, and that's what led me to positions that involved business development and marketing. Here we can not only build meaningful client relationships but also have work that concentrates on making a difference instead of just focusing on revenue. Many organizations focus on what's going to be most profitable, but Gallup looks at what is going to create the most meaningful change.

Q: How do you use your CliftonStrengths® in your work and personal life?

A: In college, I took the CliftonStrengths® assessment, and it changed not only how I communicate about myself, but it genuinely changed how I live my life. After I joined Gallup, I took the Accelerated Strengths Coaching course and am working toward becoming a certified strengths coach. I'm excited I'll be able to coach clients on how to use their innate talents to improve their relationships at work and in their personal lives.

When I think about my own talents, I use all my top five strengths every day. My Strategic(opens in a new window) talent allows me to think big picture with my clients, seeing connections in work that we've done in the past with new opportunities where we can make a positive difference. When there's a particular problem or challenge we're facing, my Restorative(opens in a new window) talent propels me to work with our clients on solving those issues in a way that's going to put them in a place that's better than where they started. But more than anything, I see my Individualization(opens in a new window) talent in almost everything I do. It's so important to me to get to know my clients both professionally and personally. I recognize them as individuals and work to understand the context for their business and what really matters to them, including their values, mission and vision for the future.

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