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Gallup at Work Summit 2020: A Virtual Experience

Gallup at Work Summit 2020: A Virtual Experience

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  • Gallup Called to Coach Webcast Series
  • Season 8, Episode 35
  • Learn what you can expect as the Gallup at Work Summit 2020 goes virtual on June 2, including the agenda, breakout sessions, getting professional credits, and FAQs.
  • Interested in learning more on this topic? Read more about how to improve teamwork in the workplace.

Abbie Goranson, Gallup's Event Manager, was our guest on a recent Called to Coach. Abbie gave webcast listeners the latest information about the virtual Gallup at Work Summit 2020, which will take place on Tuesday, June 2. She shared what you can expect in terms of the agenda, breakout sessions, how to get professional credits for attendance, discounts on Gallup merchandise, the registration deadline (June 1), and FAQs -- plus information about the cost, refunds, and the 2021 Summit.

Below is a full transcript of the conversation, including time stamps. Full audio and video are posted above.

What should I look for in a job/career?

Jim Collison 0:00

I am Jim Collison, and live from our virtual studios around the world, this is Gallup's Called to Coach, recorded on April 24, 2020.

Jim Collison 0:20

Called to Coach is a resource for those who want to help others discover and use their strengths. We have Gallup experts and independent strengths coaches share tactics, insights and strategies to help coaches maximize the talent of individuals, teams and organizations around the world. If you're listening live, love to have you join us in our chat room. Right above me there, there's a link to it. And it'll take you to the YouTube instance. Sign into the chat. You can ask your questions live there, and I'll pick those up for you. We are monitoring it. If it's after the fact, and you have any questions that you want to get to us, just send them to our coaching email address: It's And we have a bunch of folks watching that email address and they'll get right back to you. Don't forget, if you're on YouTube, subscribe to us so you never miss one of these episodes. Hit the little "Like" button that's down there as well. That's always really helpful. And if you are into podcasting -- and maybe your whole world has changed, and you're listening to podcasts differently or you have a chance to listen to podcasts -- we're available on any podcast listener or listening app, just search "Gallup Webcasts" and we are there as well. Abbie Goranson is our guest today. Abbie is Gallup's Event Manager here, and Abbie, you got a big job coming up over the next couple weeks. Welcome to Called to Coach!

Abbie Goranson 1:22

Thank you! I'm so excited to be here and to be talking with you about the summit. I'm just so excited about this year's summit. We were -- had a lot of things planned. And I know, I know we made the announcement on April 3 that we had to cancel this year's in-person event in Omaha, which we are gearing up for, and change it with our virtual event. At first -- I mean we're very disappointed because we love seeing our coaches from around the world join us in Omaha. There's so much energy and excitement. But with the health and safety of all of our clients and attendees, and even our own people, we just thought this was the responsible thing to do was cancel the event and go to a virtual event, virtual event, because we also just didn't want a year off.

Abbie Goranson 2:05

So we are -- my Events Team is busy working on making this virtual event feel so lifelike, like the in-person event, that nobody feels like they missed anything if you are a repeat attender. So one of the things that I want to talk about -- we made the announcement April 3 that we're taking this event virtual. With going virtual, we did have to make some changes to the agenda. So many of these people on the call today may have been preregistered. And you would have gotten communication that if you had registered for the in-person event, we are keeping your registration live; we're pushing it to 2021. And we're making sure that you guys get the lowest rate for the 2021 event. So we're making sure that -- and then with your registration, you also get to attend the virtual event this year, in 2020, for -- as a part of your registration, so it's at no additional cost.

Abbie Goranson 2:56

So we're really trying to make it easy for everyone that had preregistered that you don't have to do a lot or worry about a lot of transition because we know this isn't, this wasn't an ideal change. I know, Jim, I was talking to you a little bit about it. If you are being moved to the 2021 event, do mark your calendar; it's June 7th through the 9th [2021] in Omaha. And one of the things that's really exciting is starting on the 13th -- this year, we're -- Omaha was supposed to host the Olympic swim trials. And in Omaha, it's gonna be starting June 13th [2021]. So for those of you coming in and getting a flight, you may want to extend your stay and partake in some of the swim trial festivities that will begin not -- only 4 days later!

Jim Collison 3:35

Abbie, that's a big deal from a timing perspective, because --

Abbie Goranson 3:39

I know, we are really excited!

Jim Collison 3:40

The Olympics got moved, and so they got moved here as well, and they're back to back in that, and it's just a lot of transition in the process. And [June] 7, 8 and 9 [2021] are new dates for a lot of people. That's -- you usually had to wait till the end of the summit to get those dates; you've got those right now. So those -- you want to make sure you mark that on your calendar: June, again June 7th, 8th and 9th, 2021. Seems like a long time away, but I think it'll get here pretty fast. Yeah, what else do we have?

Abbie Goranson 4:06

Seems like tomorrow for me, right?

Jim Collison 4:08

Like it's already here; we're already talking about it.

Abbie Goranson 4:10

So with the change, though, like I was saying, we did condense the 3 days for this virtual event into 1 day. So it is June 2, is a full day on June 2. And I wanted to kind of jump through and just kind of talk through the experience and the agenda and how we changed that. We, we wanted to make sure that we provided the best experience to everyone that signs up. And so one of the things that we did is we did condense the agenda into into one day. And then we condensed the breakout rooms, just to make sure that we were having breakout rooms that would -- would be interactive. First of all, virtually, there's nothing worse than sitting in front of a computer and just having someone talk to you and 200 other people, and not feeling like you can interact with the other attendees or with the presenter.

Abbie Goranson 4:54

So we want to make sure they're interactive, and then we also went through and wanted to make sure that the value -- with everybody, everything going on, we want to make sure that the sessions with the most value are the ones that we kind of highlighted. We wanted to make sure that you were each of the ones that we were going to have, there was things that you could take away in today's world with everything going on and use tomorrow. Not saying that the other sessions didn't offer that. We just were, in terms of where we were on the process, we wanted to, to narrow it down and make sure that we had enough to support those sessions as well, virtually.

Abbie Goranson 5:33

One of the things that I did want to address that we've gotten a lot of questions about is, the virtual day is $195. If you were preregistered, you can -- we are moving your event to 2021. But you can cancel and get a full refund back. We previously said that the cancellation deadline was May 1; we pushed that, so you can cancel up to the day before the virtual event and receive all of your money back. If you decide to cancel after June 2, when the virtual event occurs -- even if you don't log in or anything -- we assume that you attended the event. So we will refund the amount you paid minus the $195 cost of just attending the virtual event. There's no additional discounts to this. So there's -- there is no Certified Coach discount; we kind of priced it so that it is a good price for everyone, whether you had a discount or not.

Abbie Goranson 6:20

And so I know that was some questions that I wanted to address right away. If you have any registration questions or cancellation questions, please reach out to I also have a whole team that monitors that email address. And they're really good at answering these questions, getting back to you. If you decide to cancel it, or you decide that you may have registered and you want to cancel it next year, because the dates -- the June 7 -- don't work out for you, you can cancel it up to May 7, 2021, and receive that full refund minus the $195. So that kind of outlines the refunds. I know we've had some questions and ask for clarification, but I wanted to make sure I talked through on this today.

Jim Collison 6:58

Abbie, there is some FAQs that are on the summit site. If you're -- if you need further clarification if you go out to and scroll down some, there's some FAQs there. And then if you're if you can't remember that email address that Abbie just said, it's actually the very bottom of the page. Scroll down to the bottom, copy and paste that in: is the way to do that. Let's dig into the event a little bit. What's coming?

Abbie Goranson 7:24

To kind of kick off though what you said, if you have any questions, that is your, your resource. We try to put everything on the summit site, so if there's only one thing you get out of today's session is remember "Gallup at Work" there -- www.gallupatwork -- summit; no, it's Sorry, I got my, my a little confused there. So everything is there. I'm going to talk through the agenda, which, if you guys are on this webcast, you can click and kind of follow along with me or reference that at any point.

Abbie Goranson 7:55

What we are doing is, is on the day of the event, we're going to be opening the virtual -- the virtual doors or like, just like our event in-person doors at 8:00. This gives you time to check out the virtual space. It's really cool. You'll see, it will look like you're in an in-person exhibit hall or conference center, but everyone looks digital. And then you'll get to see what the breakout rooms look like. And we're starting networking right away. So part of this digital experience is, is we are creating different rooms in which there are like chat rooms, like we see everyone's chatting today. But we're also setting up kind of topic rooms or themed rooms. So that way you can be networking. We're kind of helping set up the parameters. So we make sure you're networking with people you want to network: people that are in education networking with other educators or people that are wanting to learn more about team coaching and things like that. So we're working on those themes. And this is the time that you can go and explore.

Abbie Goranson 8:52

We also will be having demos going on, like we do on the in-person event. So we like to use this time to share what Gallup is working on in terms of technology. And what's in the future for everything. And so we're looking to still do this in just a virtual space. So that gives everyone time in the morning, before our keynote kicks off at 9:00, we are going to have Jane Miller, our COO, kind of kick everything off and give everybody an overview of the day. And we will be having additional keynotes being announced in the next couple of weeks here on the Gallup Summit site.

Abbie Goranson 9:26

So that kind of opens up the morning, and then we dive deep into the content or at 9:30 with breakout sessions. We've had a lot of questions if you're registered, "When do I get to sign up for the breakout sessions? I know you guys push that really hard for the in person event" -- which we do, because we have capacities in the in-person event. We have rooms that I get calls if we hit that capacity because they're against fire code and things like that. In a virtual space, I have no capacities, which is probably the thing I'm most excited about because that means all of you can attend the breakout session you want to attend and don't have worry about going in the system and signing up and reserving your seat.

Abbie Goranson 10:03

So we aren't having anyone preregister. We've listed all the breakout sessions so you guys can get an idea of what we're offering and kind of have your list and you can change at any time. When you're in the event, you're going to see all of the offerings at this time and be able to just enter into the room. So no preregistration for breakout sessions.

Abbie Goranson 10:25

When you go look at the summit site, we are offering 5 different sessions during each hour time slot, and we group them to make sure that everyone has kind of something, no matter what industry you're in or what you're interested in, you have a session that we know pertains to you. So the groupings of our breakout sessions, you could kind of say lightly, that we have a session that we know covers everything CliftonStrengths. We also have a session that it covers leader and manager development and manager tools. We have one that is around organizational effectiveness, talent optimization, and then selection and kind of workplace issues.

Abbie Goranson 11:01

Now does this mean that I don't -- that we don't have -- so those are kind of just high-level groupings. But I would say, in time slots, you'll see there are multiple sessions that cover CliftonStrengths. So just say -- just because we say, like, one is CliftonStrengths doesn't mean that we're not going to talk about CliftonStrengths in more than one session or talk about leader and manager development and things like that. So they do kind of intertwine, but we just use that to know that we for sure are covering high level, this is kind of the main focus of these sessions.

Jim Collison 11:30

Abbie, let me ask you -- there's some concern, and this has probably been the No. 1 one question that I've heard. Are we recording everything, and is it gonna be available to everybody, even during the day when you can't attend everything that's going on? I could go back, right, later and view it if I wanted to? Can you talk a little bit about that?

Abbie Goranson 11:46

So I'm really excited. All of our breakout sessions will be recorded live. And then after the session and the event concludes, they're going to on demand. So that's probably one of the biggest requests that we see in the in-person event is, You guys offered 10 sessions during this 1 hour, and I wanted to attend them all! Or, I attended the session, and I tried to write down my notes so quickly. But I -- what did Dean say? He said, like 3 things that I only got 2 of them! So we are recording them all. And all attendees have access to rewatch, or watch what they missed, up to 3 months -- or 3 months after the event. Which is great, because, I don't know about you, but I always like to throw something on late at night when I'm working to listen and learn. And so it's really you're not paying for 1 day of learning, you're paying for 20+ hours of content.

Jim Collison 12:32

Yeah. Is there any delay in that? Are they available immediately? So after the conclusion of them, do they become available immediately?

Abbie Goranson 12:38

We are still working through that. I think, though we're still working through that. We're hoping that there are immediately but we're coming into little things where it might take to the end of the day.

Jim Collison 12:49

Yeah, yeah, there's some, so there's some rendering that needs to be involved. What about there was a kind of a question about interactivity, as these have potentially unlimited number of people -- they won't be that, like our numbers will set them down, but maybe for some of the big sessions, because there's so much people and so much interaction, will we do anything different for the bigger sessions than we do for maybe the smaller sessions just to be able to handle that? And let me say this, we're not using -- a lot of people are going think they're going to be in a big Zoom call, and we're not -- that's not the way it's gonna work, right. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Abbie Goranson 13:19

Yes. So we are partnering with a virtual event platform, in which you will walk into a virtual -- a digital space that looks like a conference center. And it's kind of like our container, container partner, container technology. So when you go, the -- you'll see rooms that you will click in and you will click to enter and it will say, "This session is around this." And then at that point, you are joining a Zoom session, but it's set up in a way that you see the presenter and then most of the sessions are actually working with the technology to then set up smaller groups within a session. So they're going to have interaction time in which we automatically group you into smaller rooms so you can interact with a smaller group, so everyone has a chance to talk and network with each other. So there could be 800 sessions, which means that we have that many groups of 10 -- or 800 attendees, which means we have just that many groups of 10. Or if we have 50 in a group, maybe we only have five groups of 10. So that's kind of how we're running it. So every -- it doesn't matter if it's a smaller session or a large session, you still feel like you have a chance to network with a small group.

Jim Collison 14:30

And sessions have been announced, Abbie, so folks want to go see those, right, they're available on the website: The agenda's listed there as well. I think there's a tab up in the corner that says Agenda, and everything's listed there, right?

Abbie Goranson 14:44

Everything's listed there. And I was actually just going to kind of run through a few of the breakout sessions. Also, make sure you're checking back with it the Agenda page. Because like I said, we're looking to announce the keynotes on there, and we're continuing to update as we learn more and more what we can do with this new technology and continue to expand the agenda and expand the offerings to the site. So make sure you check back because that's where we're making all the updates for, for reference.

Abbie Goranson 15:11

But I know Dean is a very popular speaker at the in-person event, so he's one of the presenters for our first breakout session offerings with the Beyond Naming and Claiming: Next-Level CliftonStrengths Coaching. We also have Jillian Anderson with It's the Manager, and developing -- Gallup's Approach to Developing Managers. And then with everything going on and change and disruption, we have Mara Hoogerhuis leading What Successful Leaders Know About Change. So these are just 3 of the the sessions being offered in the morning.

Abbie Goranson 15:44

And then we have one breakout session -- actually we have two breakout sessions in the morning before we have lunch and networking. You'll notice between when you go to Gallup Summit -- -- summit -- that we are expanding the breaks in between the breakout sessions. So in the in-person event, we had 15-minute times for everyone to go the bathroom quickly and get to their room and get their feet scanned in. We've expanded those to 30 minutes, just for you to, to be able to get up, walk around, stretch, get a snack in your home or in your workplace. And also get a chance to go back to those networking rooms that we're going to have open and, and really get -- be able to start discussing with people and have enough time to go and make sure you are getting value out of your networking during this day. So that's kind of one of the changes we made in transitioning this event to be virtual.

Abbie Goranson 16:35

One of the other ques -- a couple of other sessions that I wanted to call out in the morning that I'm really excited about is we have DeAnn Malone from Renewable Energy Group leading Helping Employees Create Meaningful Development Plans, which is kind of an exciting session that talking that a lot of our attendees have been interested in in the past around development and how to individualize it but then also use CliftonStrengths as a part, part of that. And then the strengths and competencies, which you know a little bit about, Jim, The What and How of Breakthrough Development is another session that morning that -- I'm excited about all of them, but I kind of clicked -- I kind of wanted to call out a couple that I think this group would be super excited about.

Jim Collison 17:19

Yeah, no, I think there's some great sessions that are out there and available for folks to look through. They're available, both gonna be real in real time as well as after the fact. Abbie, we had a question, you know, a lot of folks love to come in person one for the networking. So will folks be able to -- how can they interact with each other or what kind of opportunities will be available for them to interact as groups in the software during the summit?

Abbie Goranson 17:45

Yes, so like I said, we have the networking room set up, which will be like chat rooms, as of right now. So we'll have -- you can kind of create your own topics, or we'll have topics to help with conversations and then we'll also have open rooms for chat rooms if you have a group that you're wanting to meet. So we will have lots of chat spaces and then interacting within the breakout sessions and smaller groups is kind of the key networking.

Jim Collison 18:10

Will they be able to set up their own if they wanted to do an ad hoc group?

Abbie Goranson 18:13


Jim Collison 18:13

OK, so just the ones we have defined in that.

Abbie Goranson 18:16


Jim Collison 18:16

And then another big popular thing, of course, is being able to buy swag when they're here. Have we -- are there gonna be opportunities to purchase swag virtually, so to speak?

Abbie Goranson 18:26

Yes. So we are not offering summit-specific swag, but we are working on and have nailed down -- I don't want to -- we are -- we have a date that we're going to announce the discount, but all of our attendees will get a discount on our Gallup Store. So that's one of the benefits of a ticket is you get an additional discount on the store. But this year, we won't be having specific summit swag.

Jim Collison 18:51

OK. And so we'll -- how will folks find that when they, when they get in there? What what would they look for to be able to purchase from the store that's available?

Abbie Goranson 18:59

We'll have a link within the event, just kind of like you would go to the store. So we'll have a little thing that says, like, Go to the store, and we'll link you to our Gallup Store. But you can start looking at the Gallup store right now, at the products you like, and kind of create your wish list. And then we'll be announcing that during the event, you will get a discount code.

Jim Collison 19:16

Yeah, and shipping continues to still be an issue and it will probably still be an issue this summer, right, when we think about that physical, physical items will be difficult to get. They're even difficult to ship in the United States right now, just to be 100% honest. So some limitations there. Will there maybe be some digital, digital items available?

Abbie Goranson 19:34

Yep. And so it's the digital items on the store right now. So like you can, you can go and look at all those items today if you want to, and kind of create your list, just because we know shipping costs and, and that's kind of in transparency why we're not having specific summit swag this year. It's just there's so many things going on with shipping and all of that that it was just, we just thought that that would be a easy thing to pass this year. Want to make sure it's a good experience for all of our attendees.

Jim Collison 20:02

Yeah, it's a difficult time for shipping at the moment, and that kind of swag, even to get it made.

Abbie Goranson 20:07

I'm upset because my Prime is not even getting to me in 2 days, my personal prime, so --

Jim Collison 20:13

Ah, first-world problems, right, We didn't get our prime in 2 days, right? There was a question around the chat rooms or around the breakout rooms, when, when they're in those networking or breakout sessions, is that audio and video and chat? Or is it all just typing?

Abbie Goranson 20:28

Right now it is all typing in chat. Like I said, this is our first time doing a virtual event. So we're still building and things like that. And that is one of the goals is to potentially provide video opportunities for chat. But at this point, we haven't been able to nail down how to do that. I'm not saying that it's -- I don't want to plan for it, but it's not ruled out. But right now, that's not a capability.

Jim Collison 20:52

The app has always been a very, very popular part of what we do from a summer perspective. What are we doing with the app this year?

Abbie Goranson 20:58

So we -- we're considering having the app the same, but the virtual platform basically has everything that, that the app would have. And with you guys being -- with all the attendees being in this digital space and having things on your computer we didn't think it was necessary to you to be logged in 2 different places. So we will not be having the app, but all of the features on the app will be in the digital space. So you're not necessarily losing any value; it's just all in one place now rather than two.

Jim Collison 21:24

Yeah, that's, that's super good. We're gonna conclude with a special session. I don't know what crazy people you found to be able to do that, but how are we gonna wrap this thing up?

Abbie Goranson 21:34

I'm so excited because Jim you're wrapping it up with Maika! And it's always been one of our most popular closes to the summit. You've been our in-person close and, and ended on a high note, and you guys are ending it again on a high note with the Gallup at Work Virtual Afterparty. So as much as we'd like to send out you know, kind of celebratory things to each of our attendees, grab, grab water, grab your wine, jump online with Jim and Maika as they talk through all the highlights of the day, like we would do in person. And they're leading one to conclude the day, and then they're also leading one at night for any international attendees that may not be attending the sessions live during the day, they may be doing them on demand, but then also want to join him at that night to talk through another recap.

Jim Collison 22:19

Yeah, and we just wanted to do it twice. So you said you want to do it twice? I never say no to that! So great opportunities. What are you anticipating, when we think about between now and the summit starting, there's still some details that have to be worked out, right, as far as getting things done. If folks are interested in those -- if they have questions about it, or will you be posting updates pretty regularly to the summit site?

Abbie Goranson 22:42

Yes. So we're posting updates. We also, if you are attending or if you have registered, we have a plan to be sending you guys emails and updates to what the event looks like in Insight so we can help you prepare and get the most out of the day. And then if you want to be added to like our summit communications, you can also reach out to our email address and we can make sure you're getting our updated -- you're on our list to get updates for the event as well. So there's many options. But definitely we're posting all the updates on our on our website, which is your first go-to.

Jim Collison 23:18

Yeah, John had asked a question about the recertification courses, maybe we can -- we'll cue you up for Are courses still available? Let me talk about the recert really fast. So it made sense when we're all in person just to do kind of a fast track recert, but we're not, and to do it during the Summit time is another thing for you to worry about. Our recert process is actually pretty streamlined and online already, if you are not doing it during the summit. And so we're just not making any changes to that this year. If your time to recert is up, you'll be contacted, we'll go through it. It, it, yeah, it's kind of part of the summit if it comes up during it, but you can go through our pretty streamlined process going forward. We are making some changes to that throughout the year. So depending on when that recert comes up will just kind of depend on how you do it. That's what's taking place then. So no specific recert session, but, Abbie, are courses being offered, and how do folks get involved in those, and is there any discount for those as well?

Abbie Goranson 24:12

Yes, so we are still offering courses, and they're at -- still at the 50% discount, and they're all being offered virtually, just like our summit. And you can visit to view all of those under Add-On Learning. And we also are still offering the one-on-one coaching calls. So during the in-person event, we had the unique opportunity to meet in person with one of our coaches here in Omaha, but with everything going to virtual, we still wanted to have that offering. So as a 45-minute in person meeting, we've expanded that to a 60-minute coaching call at a discount for our summit registrants. And the cool thing about that is, let's say you have something going on the day before, we're not requiring you -- because we're not in-person -- to do them the day before anymore. So if you purchase that when you're purchasing your summit registration, we will work with you on scheduling that call at a discount over the next year.

Jim Collison 25:05

There were some -- there were some courses being offered that have been canceled just because of that. I think the Millennials may have been one of those. So there are some things we were offering before. If they're not showing up now, they've been canceled. Is that correct?

Abbie Goranson 25:19

Yes. And all of our, all of our attendees that had registered have gotten notification that that course was canceled and they have received a full refund. So if you haven't, reach out to and we'll make sure we have you covered. But we have refunded all of the fees and notified all of the registrants.

Jim Collison 25:39

You do have a couple add-on specials that you, that, that maybe we want to talk about. Maybe now's a good time since we're talking about those. Anything you want to emphasize on that?

Abbie Goranson 25:49

The biggest thing was just the coaching calls. We've seen a huge people excited about the coaching calls just in the fact that we know what the course is now. In the past, if you wanted to do a coaching call and you wanted to do a course, you couldn't because they overlapped. So now you can do a discounted course before or after and then also do a coaching call 2 weeks later, 2 months later or whenever you're ready.

Jim Collison 26:09

Are those calls gonna be a video? Or are they gonna be just over the phone? Or how are we doing those? Do you know?

Abbie Goranson 26:15

You know, that is not on --

Jim Collison 26:18

Yeah, I think we'll have to let -- Lisa had asked that question in the chat room; when we get back, we'll have to get back to you on those. So she had said face to face. Lisa, there's no face to face anymore.

Abbie Goranson 26:27

No in-person.

Jim Collison 26:28

That seems to be going on. OK, let's kind of, let's kind of roll through this value again of the virtual ticket and let's -- talk us through that as kind of, as we think about maybe wrapping this up.

Abbie Goranson 26:40

Yes. So one of the questions I actually saw as I was talking is, Are there professional credits as a part of these sessions? So yes, we are still offering professional credits. We are currently -- we had to reapply for those as we've made changes to our agenda. And so we're still in the middle of the application process, but we are applying with HRCI and SHRM, and we will update our website with the, the hours that you can get. And like I said, with the in demand, or the on-demand sessions, now instead of attending -- getting credits for 4 of the sessions for each hours, you could have credits for the all of the sessions, which would be 20 hours.

Jim Collison 27:19

For -- Abbie, for many of our Certified Coaches, we do this for the Learning Series. So we submit them, they get approved, and then there's -- if you listen, if you watch them live, and if you watch them after the fact, there's different credits. That's an ICF consideration; we don't control any of that. But in a lot of cases, you're submitting those on a kind of an honor system anyway. So we'll have that all outlined on the website as we get close.

Abbie Goranson 27:39

Yep. And just like I kind of talked with before, I think the biggest thing we're excited about the value for the $195 is not only the network Zoom day and the day of experience, but just really the access afterwards and all of the learning that you're going to get, not -- additionally -- 3 months later. And the space will be open for you to access 3 months later. And you also have access to Gallup associates. So we're -- just like the in-person event, we're having all of our Gallup associates join virtually, so you can connect with them and network with them and they're a resource for you during the event.

Abbie Goranson 28:18

And the insight to getting to see our Gallup technology and our offerings is something we're only doing within the event, and giving demos and things like that for our participants. So it really aligns with our in-person event and the value of -- this is, this is Gallup's stage. This is the time where we're trying to communicate everything that we're doing and offering and provide the best learning. We're just now doing it digitally this year.

Jim Collison 28:44

OK, I got to, I got to, this is gonna -- I'm gonna change gears a little bit, but Lisa has been wanting to know, What are your Top 5? Are you getting any sleep? How are you taking care of yourself? And are you are you staying sane through all this? How are you how are you doing, Abbie?

Abbie Goranson 28:57

I'm doing a great! I have 2 -- a 2-year-old and a 7-month-old at home, so even if this event was going on, I don't know if I'd be getting much sleep with trying to rein them in. But I'm actually super excited and I just, I am so excited about this experience. I just feel like I'm energized and just ready for the day to get here. My Top 5 are: Achiever, Responsibility, Discipline, Individualization and Positivity. So if that gives you a little bit of insight to me, I like to go at 200%, so this just feels like another day in the life of -- in my life. But like I said, I think just the adrenaline and the excitement is keeping me going and I'm just ready to, ready to have this event for all of you!

Jim Collison 29:42

Yeah, no, it'd be great. Let's do a little "lightning round" with some questions here right at the end. Stuart says, Do breakout sessions have printed materials? Obviously, what he means is digital materials provided with it -- the PowerPoints, those kinds of things. How are we doing that?

Abbie Goranson 29:55

Yes. So we are collecting all of the breakout presentations and it's up to the speaker what materials they're providing first to the session, but we are making all of them available virtually as a digital download and things like that, that will just be like the app if you attended in person where we loaded them into the app, and you could download them and print them on your own. Same, same system, same thing. And so you'll still have access to all of that.

Jim Collison 30:19

We're -- Ralph asks, could, could you put the technical requirements for attendees on the website? Just so they know the minimum requirements? I'm assuming that's coming up as well?

Abbie Goranson 30:28

Yes, my technology team is actually working through all the language around that. It's pretty simple. It's as easy as hopefully logging into this Called to Coach. And so there isn't a ton of technical requirements, but there are things that can make your experience better that we're working on putting up on the web.

Jim Collison 30:43

Yeah, and some, some basic assumptions, fairly. Internet connection, right. You're gonna have to have that and some, you know, I think a lot of folks where it's, it's a little bit different, maybe what you've been experiencing on Zoom calls. There are necessarily -- we're not going to have it, you're not gonna have to have your video turned on. You're not going to be pushing your own video up; those kinds of things. So a lot less pressure from that perspective. As far as the technology of streaming the, the video, the companies that we work with are very, very good at streaming them in multiple resolutions and the ability to downgrade and some of those kinds of things as well. So it'll, it'll be pretty, it'll be pretty great. And it won't be without its problems. It always is. But we have a staff, right? You're gonna have folks available during that time to be able to ping and say, Hey, I have a question. Hey, what's going on? Hey, some of those kinds of things. So that should, that should make it. And then Ralph, this gets us, we've kind of spoiled the community, because we give them transcripts now for Called to Coach. Will these sessions -- and it -- that takes us a couple weeks to get that done -- will these sessions have transcripts available at some point?

Abbie Goranson 31:44

You know, that's not something that we have on our list right now. We're trying to really get up our offerings in terms of the networking and things like that, but I will put it on our list to review to see if we can add that on or see what it would take to get those added. I don't have an answer for you right now.

Jim Collison 32:00

Yeah, it's, it's a lot more complicated. It took us a long time to get there. And so a little more complicated. Kim -- Is a summary posted somewhere? So is where everything -- go to the Agenda tab, go to June 2, and that is listed there. And then just some clarification: Do we have to pick and preregister for breakouts or pick a session in real time? Abbie, one more time to that, do you have to?

Abbie Goranson 32:20

No preregistration! We're not having you preregister. You get to pick, like I said, no capacity in a session this year. Yay! So you get to pick in real time. And to be honest, if you are in a session, and you're like, Oh, I want to actually switch, you will have that capability. It's gonna affect your -- one of the things that I want to call out is we are getting a notification if you attend the whole session for credits, so you will have to watch the whole session or session to get credits for that session. But you can move in and out as you please.

Jim Collison 32:49

All right. Well, anything else you want to add before we wrap it up?

Abbie Goranson 32:52

No, I just hope that I see all of you guys digitally on June 2. I'm, like I said, my excitement for this event is out of the roof. I think I was really disappointed when we had, had to cancel the in-person. But I'm just so excited for this virtual event. And I think that we're not going to miss a beat. And it's going to be great to get all of our favorite people in one space for a day.

Jim Collison 33:13

You can register right now; that is available for you on the site $195 is available, you can pay for that, have that available. It's very generous refund as well, if it's something at the end you didn't want to do, but it's completely virtual, virtual and available for you after the fact as well. Even if you can't make the June 2 date, even if it's not in the right time zone, even like add in the -- add in whatever conflict that you have, well, we're recording everything for you. So it'll be available for you after the fact.

Abbie Goranson 33:39

Jim, I wanted to clarify, we do have the registration deadline of June 1st, just because at that point, we have to move all of the data into this virtual environment. So if you can't attend the day of, you can't attend June 2, like Jim, you said, you can access it 2 weeks later; you can access it up to 3 months later. But make sure you register by June 1. And that is also the cancellation deadline. So you can cancel up through June 1, but if you cancel -- you're unable to cancel after June 2 for any refund. So, I just wanna make sure I get that information out there

Jim Collison 34:10

To be really clear, like that's just the day before, like, it's literally just the day before, so if you're still trying to -- basically what that limits you to is you can't buy in day of. That's what Abbie's saying. You can't make the very last-minute decision, day of, and get in. We at least need one day for you to get there, but --

Abbie Goranson 34:30

A few hours.

Jim Collison 34:30

Get that out of the way now; head out to right now, get registered, get in there get that paid for and have it done and available for you, and again, like, if something does happen, there, the refund policy is in place and will work there. Abbie, thanks for taking the time to do this.

Jim Collison 34:45

With that we'll remind everyone to take full advantages of all the resources we have available now on Gallup Strengths, or on Gallup Access -- I cannot stop saying that! -- on Gallup Access. Go out to, and we've got all that available for you. We'll mention it one more time: -- "at," by the way, not the "@" symbol, but And all the information you could ever want or ever need. There's an email address there as well, if you have questions. Love to have you attend the Summit. I'm -- Abbie, I'm super excited! You know I have been asking for a virtual summit since we started this thing. And so -- I hate it that it had to come under these circumstances, but --

Abbie Goranson 35:21

There's always a good thing though, that comes out things like this. There's of a lot of stuff that, you know, is, is not great, or that -- but there's always a little bit of light. And this is one that I'm just, I'm super, super excited about this opportunity really.

Jim Collison 35:34

Yeah, we are as well. We want to thank you for joining us today and with that, we'll say, Goodbye, everybody.

Abbie Goranson's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Achiever, Responsibility, Positivity, Individualization and Discipline.

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