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Research Partnerships

Powerful Partnerships Inspire Greater Outcomes

Succeed in your most important endeavor by collaborating with Gallup's team of expert consultants and researchers. The foundation of any great partnership is having a shared mission. We build our unique collaborative relationships on trust, fairness and communication to serve the goal of developing engaged and thriving organizations in the education industry.

Our Approach

Our measurements help organizations create a rigorous process for continuous improvement.

Gallup's relevant, timely and visionary research help identify factors that boost an institution's economic growth and well-being. By conducting multiyear studies, we can show organizations in the education industry the correlations across data sets while analyzing connections and thoroughly examining initial findings.

Gallup assists leaders in education by introducing new ideas into their existing conversations. Gallup also helps institutions increase student and staff engagement as well as identify strategic advisory services and key factors in a thriving campus community.

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Strada Education

Empowering the Consumer Voice in Higher Education

Strada Education Network is listening to and empowering education consumers by partnering with Gallup to create the nation's largest data set of consumer perspectives on pathways from education to employment. We believe applying these insights can help transform the future of postsecondary education ensuring more Americans realize their purpose and potential through meaningful careers and fulfilling lives.

of current college students feel prepared to enter the job market.

of U.S. adults with at least some college experience get advice about their choice of major from informal social networks.

of Americans would change at least one aspect of their educational path if they had to do it all over again.

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North Eastern University Logo

Views on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education's Response

This study discovers what Americans think about -- and what they can do to confront -- the artificial intelligence revolution. Learn how higher education institutions and others can rise to the challenge and prepare U.S. workers to succeed in the digital economy.

of Americans "agree" or "strongly agree" that AI will fundamentally change the way people will work and live in the next 10 years.

of adults say an increased use of AI will eliminate more jobs than it creates.

of employed adults are "somewhat worried" or "very worried" they will lose their job to new technology.

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Examining Parents' Perspectives on Childhood Play

This nationwide study of U.S. parents of children 10 and younger reveals how children spend their time outside of school and how parents prioritize and value that time.

of parents say they would like their child to spend less time watching media.

of parents wish their child would spend more time playing outside.

of parents strongly agree that it's good for kids to be bored now and then.

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Our strategic partners develop, implement and execute your plan for success.

Our team of experts have years of experience in the education industry demonstrated through genuine relationships with their clients. Our thought leaders, consultants, scientists and subject-matter experts create the path for your institution's continued success. We help you get insights from your data and provide feedback and solutions based on your needs.

Jim Asplund

Jim Asplund

Chief Scientist, Strengths-Based Development
Stephanie Marken

Stephanie Marken

Executive Director of Education Research
Ben Wigert

Ben Wigert

Director of Research and Strategy, Workplace Management

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