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Course Spotlight: Gallup Global Strengths Coach

Webinar Details
Date & Time
December 07, 2021 | 12:00 PM Central Time
30 minutes
About the Webinar

The Gallup Global Strengths Coach course is about how you can help people discover their potential — and coach them into excellence. Formerly known as Accelerated Strengths Coaching, the course reveals how to coach people to build self-awareness, form stronger teams, excel in their role and perform better than ever before. Based on Gallup’s decades-long research into performance and success, the course equips you to help people discover their natural talents and develop them into high-performing strengths. 

If strengths-based coaching sounds like your perfect next step – or even if you are just considering it, sign up for this webinar today. In it, you’ll learn from a Gallup expert exactly what makes the Gallup Global Strengths Coach course so uniquely powerful. We’ll spotlight the science, expertise, techniques, tools and experiences you’ll take away from the course — and how they’ll help you coach people to achieve unprecedented results in the real world. 

Have a question? Get it answered here. Because it’s a live event, you’ll have the opportunity to ask the questions that are most important to you.  

At its heart, the Gallup Global Strengths Coach course is designed to help you: 

Thrive with purpose.

You’ll help clients pinpoint what they do best, the unique contributions they can make and how they accomplish what is most important to them.

Know your strengths as a coach.

You will explore and refine your coaching style by developing your CliftonStrengths. 

Change the world one client at a time.

You’ll be equipped to help people understand their talents and strengths, navigate their challenges, move forward when they are stuck, and reach their greatest potential.

The Speakers
Austin Suellentrop
CliftonStrengths Portfolio Manager

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