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How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Webinar Details
Date & Time
February 08, 2022 | 3:00 PM United Kingdom Time
30 minutes
About the Webinar

One positive effect of the coronavirus pandemic is that it forced companies to innovate rapidly to adapt to unprecedented challenges affecting their businesses. Office closures to protect employees, radically shifting customer requirements, and crippling supply chain disruptions demanded agile decision-making and creative solutions. However, creativity in reaction to a crisis and building a true culture of innovation are two different things. Businesses now preparing for the "new normal" are keen to embed sustainable creativity and innovation into their culture. Gallup has discovered that the employee experience is a crucial component of innovation culture - one in which managers encourage employees to leverage their individual strengths to unleash creativity and implement innovative solutions to problems.

In this webinar, Gallup organisational culture specialists Mona Balasubramanian and Ramez Lasheen will share insights and advice on how to create a sustainable culture of innovation.

The Speakers
Mona Balasubramanian
Associate Principal
Ramez Lasheen
Associate Principal
James Rapinac
Director of Communications, EMEA

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