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State of the Global Workplace: Key Trends in Middle East and North Africa

Webinar Details
31 minutes
About the Webinar

Among trends identified in Gallup’s 2022 State of the Global Workplace report, employees in Middle East and North Africa faced an increasingly challenging workplace environment in 2021. Employee engagement and wellbeing were well below global measures, with daily anger and sadness remaining markedly higher than the rest of the world. Another important discovery is that employees under 40 years of age are more highly engaged than their older colleagues, a testament to the emphasis governments in the region have placed on boosting youth employment. Younger employees also indicate a markedly greater willingness to relocate to pursue career opportunities elsewhere than older employees.

In this webcast, Gallup workplace culture expert Alaa Alshaikh will share these and other key trends in the MENA region and explain what they mean for leaders and their organizations.

You will learn:

  • Factors influencing employee engagement, wellbeing and other key workplace measures in the MENA region and what leaders need to do to improve them
  • The fundamental elements of a workplace culture that enables organizations to execute their strategy effectively
  • Key talent retention risks and opportunities for organizations in the region resulting from employees’ perception of the job market and willingness to relocate

The Speakers
Alaa Alshaikh
Managing Consultant, ME Consulting Go-To
Hesham Salama
Senior Consultant
James Rapinac
Director of Communications, EMEA

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