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Until then, review a recent edition of the monthly intelligence report and see how Geopolitical Outlook Intelligence Services will help you understand the global forces shaping your organization's future.

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Understand the Global Geopolitical Forces Shaping Your Organization's Future

Subscribe to our premium Geopolitical Outlook Intelligence Services for exclusive analysis of Gallup World Poll data and global economic, political and military conditions by George Friedman of Geopolitical Futures.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Insights to Help You Anticipate Future Threats and Seize Opportunities

It's easy to track current events.

Geopolitical Outlook Intelligence Services tackles the difficult task of deciphering the future impact of today's most important issues on your organization.

Geopolitical Outlook Intelligence Services subscribers receive:

  • a daily intelligence email from Gallup and Geopolitical Futures experts on the most important geopolitical developments
  • an in-depth weekly intelligence brief on key geopolitical topics affecting organizations around the world
  • a monthly intelligence report analyzing critical issues now and forecasting those on the horizon
  • a monthly webinar, led by George Friedman with analysts from Gallup and Geopolitical Futures, presenting deeper context on the events of the month and providing the opportunity to ask questions firsthand

Published by Gallup and Geopolitical Futures, Geopolitical Outlook Intelligence Services is required reading for leaders who must think years -- or decades -- in advance to ensure their organization succeeds.

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About the Gallup World Poll

The Gallup World Poll measures the thoughts and opinions of citizens in more than 160 countries and areas globally, making it the most comprehensive and farthest-reaching survey of the world.

About Geopolitical Futures

Founded by bestselling author George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures forecasts the political, economic, military and geographic dimensions that matter most to leaders and decision-makers around the world.

Recent Gallup Podcast Episodes Featuring Geopolitical Futures' George Friedman

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