In the ever-changing world of sales, there is no single, sure-fire, tried-and-true method that anyone can readily imitate to deliver peak performance. In fact, the world's best salespeople are not characterized at all by their techniques. But they do share one common trait: Successful sales representatives use their unique strengths to excel.

Discover Your Sales Strengths is an extraordinary program based on the concept that many people already possess the tools necessary to become amazing salespeople. The book -- grounded in extensive Gallup research conducted over 40 years and based on hundreds of thousands of interviews with sales managers, salespeople, and customers -- teaches individuals to focus on their personal talents and strengths, and then guides them to transform those assets into solid sales performances -- and successful careers.

This Web-based interview analyzes readers' instinctive reactions and immediately presents them with their five Signature Themes.

About the Authors

Benson Smith is the coauthor Discover Your Sales Strengths. He is Chairman, CEO, and President of Teleflex INC., a global manufacturer of acute care medical devices.

Tony Rutigliano, coauthor of Discover Your Sales Strengths. and Strengths Based Selling, was vice president/chief learning officer for ADP, where led many of the sales training and sales manager development efforts for ADP's force of more than 5,000 reps.