From the outset, spiritual engagement may seem difficult -- if not impossible -- to measure. But Gallup has spent more than 80 years measuring what others deem "unmeasurable." Our employee and customer engagement surveys were designed using some of the world's most impressive science and have helped countless organizations better understand their most important audiences.

The same scientific rigor applies to our ME25 Member Engagement Survey. More than a decade ago, we built the ME25 to empower faith communities to measure, manage, and maximize spiritual engagement. Gallup defines spiritual engagement as the degree of belonging each member has in their local faith community and has found that when purposefully addressed, spiritual engagement translates into positive outcomes both inside and outside the local faith community. When members feel engaged, they regard their faith community like family and demonstrate a high level of ownership for their mission and ministry. According to our research, engaged members are:

  • more than 10 times as likely to invite someone to participate in their congregation
  • nearly three times as likely to say they are extremely satisfied with their lives
  • likely to spend more than 2 hours per week serving and helping others in their communities
  • likely to give 3 times more to their faith communities annually

The ME25 Member Engagement Survey consists of 25 questions that were carefully chosen to measure engagement as well as spiritual commitment and outcomes important to faith communities. Gallup collects and summarizes all survey responses and provides a report to leaders that indicates their community's Engagement and Spiritual Commitment scores. Individual survey responses are never reported by Gallup and remain highly confidential. We include only aggregate results in each scorecard.

With the purchase of the survey, faith communities will receive the Growing an Engaged Church kit to support the program's administration and help them understand how to address results. The kit includes a member engagement guide, hard copy books, digital tools, templates, recorded webinars, and customizable materials to assist in implementation.

Gallup also offers leadership teams the opportunity to meet with a consultant to help them interpret the scores and facilitate discussion surrounding impact plans. These action-oriented sessions can take place on site, via an in-depth webinar, or over the phone.