Gallup studied more than 4,000 entrepreneurs and found that the most successful business builders possess a rare set of talents -- and they are born, then made. From this research, we created Builder Profile 10 (BP10). BP10 is the only online assessment that helps people discover and develop the 10 talents that are vital to starting, growing, and sustaining a thriving enterprise.

The Coaching Builder Talents Course gives you the resources and knowledge you need to fully support current and future builders in understanding the BP10 and their unique talents. With your guidance, builders can develop their talents into strengths to achieve greater business effectiveness and success.


The Coaching Builder Talents Course will help you:

  • explain the importance of entrepreneurship and the talents necessary for entrepreneurial success
  • demonstrate how the BP10 assessment is an effective measurement of the 10 talents necessary to meet the demands of business building
  • distinguish between the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and BP10 assessments
  • deliver effective coaching conversations that will help individuals foster their builder talents
  • help individuals understand and apply their builder talents to increase their business success
  • lead the Discover Your Builder Talents workshop, in which small groups discover, develop, and direct their builder talents
  • support the development of entrepreneurship in your community

Who Should Attend

If you are a professional coach, high school or higher education professional, economic developer, or business and community mentor and you are interested in finding, developing, and coaching current and future builders, this course is for you.

What You Can Expect

During this two-day course, you will explore practical ways to conduct advanced builder coaching conversations with others. You will learn how to help others understand and apply their builder talents to increase their business success. You will also gain insights into how to help others identify areas that can hinder business effectiveness and where to establish complementary partnerships that will empower them to meet the demands of being a successful builder.

What You Will Receive

  • two BP10 assessment codes -- one for you and one for you to share with someone you coach
  • resources and tools to support your coaching conversations
  • a one-on-one Gallup coaching session after the course

Course Overview