Gallup Analytics is an online research platform available by subscription that for the first time ever allows access to 80 years of Gallup's trended data for the U.S. and a decade of data from more than 160 countries. Subscribers use predictive analytics comprising data available nowhere else, with virtually all of the opinions that matter in the advancement or decline of a nation, state, or city.

Access U.S. and worldwide opinions on everything that matter, including:

  • economic confidence
  • employment
  • entrepreneurial energy
  • confidence in leadership
  • military
  • police
  • religion
  • food access
  • environment
  • migration
  • freedom of media
  • human suffering
  • corruption
  • and many more

Leading global organizations use Gallup Analytics to access past and current data to better understand and maximize their strategic decisions. Based on the principles of integrity, timeliness, and reach, Gallup Analytics includes three data sources:

  • Gallup World Poll: Tracking the most critical issues worldwide since 2005, the Gallup World Poll successfully captures the on-the-ground reality of people living in more than 160 countries through nationally representative samples via face-to-face and telephone polling.
  • Gallup Daily tracking: Taking the pulse of U.S. residents 350 days a year, the Gallup Daily interviews 1,000 Americans every day with two unparalleled surveys -- the U.S. Daily and the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index.
  • Gallup Brain: Providing eight decades of insight, the Gallup Brain is a searchable, living record of public opinion dating back to 1935.

Gallup Analytics is easy to search, understand, and use. It includes straightforward, expert analysis and reporting that allow subscribers to:

  • perform detailed searches on hundreds of U.S. and global metrics
  • examine data by demographic and socio-economic groups, including income, education, age, and gender
  • export data to Microsoft Excel and create and export custom data tables, trends, charts, and scatter plots
  • save presentation-ready graphics
  • conduct heat map analysis

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