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How to Become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

Join thousands of other coaches, professionals, managers and leaders who have helped people achieve better performance -- and better lives -- through strengths-based coaching.

From coursework to certification in four easy steps.

We take pride in our thorough and engaging process to becoming a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.

We are confident that after you have completed all four steps, you will be able to effectively lead individuals and teams to the full benefits of strengths-based development.

Questions about any steps? Email:

Four Easy Steps: ASC Brochure

1. Complete Your Required Coursework

Learn how to be an effective strengths coach through Gallup's transformational coaching curriculum.

Choose from three learning paths:

  • Complete the intensive Accelerated Strengths Coaching course.
  • Complete the Successful Strengths Coaching course and the Coaching Individuals, Managers and Teams course.
  • Complete the Successful Strengths Coaching, Coaching for Individual Performance and Coaching Managers and Teams courses.

2. Complete Your Certification Application

Tell us more about you and your interest in strengths coaching.

From how you intend to coach to how you prefer we communicate with you, this is your chance to share your preferences.

Within five business days of completing your coursework, you will receive an email invitation to complete the brief online application and coach agreement.

3. Complete Your Strengths Coaching Certification Exam

Time to test your knowledge of the concepts learned in your coursework.

Within five business days of submitting your application, you will receive an email invitation preparing you for the certification exam.

Your invite will include instructions for taking the self-paced, online exam and materials to help you prepare for the test.

4. Collect Evaluations of Your Coaching From Six Clients

Demonstrate your strengths coaching abilities.

Within five business days of submitting your application, you will receive an email invitation preparing you for the certification exam. Your invite will include instructions for taking the self-paced, online exam and materials to help you prepare for the test.


You are a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.

You are ready to join a community of coaches around the world working toward a common goal - to unleash the power of strengths in everyone they coach. Once you have received a passing grade on the exam and evaluations that meet Gallup's criteria, you receive a two-year designation as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, you earn:

  • access to learning and development resources critical to successful strengths coaching
  • a digital copy of the Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach logo
  • your official certificate of status as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

What Advice Would You Give Someone Considering Becoming a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach?

"Think about what you want to accomplish. Consider how much extra business you will get from being certified. The extra business compensates for the cost." - Becky Hammond

"You get so much great coaching information. It gives you a backbone, a structure for the coaching process. You don't have to create a curriculum." - Ryan Haumond

"Just do it. It's worth every penny. The resources, the deeper insights and coaching you get, the support network that follows. It is life-changing." - Charlotte Blair

"I believe in learning from the best. You get to experience first-hand the incredible professionalism and deep subject matter expertise that everyone in Gallup seems to possess. Another important aspect of becoming a Gallup-Certified Strengths coach is experiencing confidence in your craft. Being certified, combined with lots and lots of practice and experience, will help take you to that next level." - Maureen Monte

Choose between a variation of courses for a learning path that fits your needs.

Path 1:
Accelerated Strengths Coaching Course
4½ Days | $7,500 USD

Designed for those interested in a powerful, week-long immersion into strengths coaching

Based on more than four decades of the study of talents, strengths and success, Gallup's Accelerated Strengths Coaching course provides you an invaluable opportunity to understand and apply the principles and best practices of strengths-based development to advance your coaching and help your clients learn, grow, develop and achieve personal and professional success.

You will gain tools, techniques and invaluable experience to help you help others understand how they filter their world. And you will receive sophisticated insights to help your clients respond to situations, work with others, get work done and understand their biases and vulnerabilities.

You will learn to:

  • Apply your greatest talents in your role as a coach and integrate your strengths to become a more effective coach.
  • Help your clients understand their talents and how to use them to produce results and reach their goals.
  • Advise others on how to overcome obstacles, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Educate your clients about how to use strengths to transform their relationships.
  • Help individuals understand their unique strengths in the context of others.
  • Provide managers with techniques for using strengths-based development to address specific team-related issues and challenges.
  • Teach teams to discover, develop and use their unique talents for greater team engagement and productivity.

Path 2:
Successful Strengths Coaching Course
2 Days | $2,900 USD

Coaching Individuals, Managers and Teams
3 Days | $5,000 USD

Designed for those wanting to spread out their coursework to allow for mastery of strengths coaching fundamentals

The Successful Strengths Coaching course provides unique insights into becoming an effective strengths coach. You will learn how to help others understand, apply and integrate CliftonStrengths results into their lives and work. You will also learn how to conduct the four core coaching conversations that every strengths coach should have with their clients.

This course provides you with practical approaches to assist in coaching others to find ways to use their unique talents and strengths to fulfill their goals, the demands of their role and other desired outcomes.

By completing this course, you will gain the knowledge and possess the foundation for becoming a strengths-based coach.

The Coaching Individuals, Managers and Teams course teaches you how to help individuals apply their greatest talents and strengths to enhance their relationships and improve their lives. You can help managers and teams incorporate strengths-based principles for greater engagement and performance.

During this course, you will learn how to conduct advanced coaching conversations with others to help them use their talents to manage the things that impede or restrict their effectiveness.

You will also discover how to help managers and teams understand, apply and integrate their strengths into their respective roles.

Finally, you will learn how to facilitate small team sessions (up to 15 people) to help team members use their unique talents for greater team engagement, better team performance and improved business outcomes.

Path 3:
Successful Strengths Coaching Course
2 Days | $2,900 USD

Coaching for Individual Performance
2 Days | $2,900 USD

Coaching Managers and Teams
2 Days | $2,900 USD

Designed and offered for on-site learning situations within organizations. For more information about hosting these courses on-site, contact Gallup at 800-204-1192.

To earn your designation as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, you must complete the certification process within six months from the last day of your coursework.

For more details about each course, visit:

What do You Want to Tell Someone Considering Becoming a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach?

"It's a great thing to do. Go all in. Give it your all. Use your own expertise, whether that's in HR, training or sales to build your own approach. Go big. Dream big." - Ryan Haumond

"You get first access to the latest research, insights and data - the alumni networks." - Charlotte Blair

"It's been extremely beneficial to me and can be extremely beneficial for anyone wanting to coach with a strengths perspective." - Becky Hammond

"Being a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach is an investment in your future. It's knowledge for the rest of your life." - Keith Baldwin

"It's the best investment that someone could make. If I could do it again, I would have skipped all of the other certifications I have and just do Gallup's. It's extremely individualized to who we are. Gallup gives great tools. You get to learn from the source. I love how it's corporate-oriented. Other people are doing great things, but Gallup gives you the greatest credibility ever." - Nicole Seichter

Find Coaching Clients via Gallup's Online Platforms

Take your place in the Certified Coaches Directory at Gallup Strengths Center.

You can promote your coaching services to the thousands of people who discover their CliftonStrengths every day, people who need a coach like you to get the most out of their natural talents.

From growing your customer base to conducting your coaching business, being certified means having access to the technology and tools necessary to connect with more clients.

Distinguish Yourself as an Expert Strengths Coach

You earned it, so tell anyone and everyone who should know - you are a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.

You receive permission to publicly brand yourself as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, setting yourself apart from others. You are trained in more than 80 years worth of human behavior and development science, thanks to expert teaching from Gallup's best instructors.

So proudly display your Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach credentials everywhere - from your website and social media profiles to your business cards and advertisements.

Participate in Continuing Education Opportunities

The courses you complete on your path to becoming a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach count toward professional credit hour requirements in organizations such as the International Coaching Federation, the HR Certification Institute and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Similarly, offerings like the Gallup Learning Series give certified strengths coaches the chance to earn continuing education or recertification credit hours applicable with those professional organizations.

These exclusive learning opportunities keep you on the cutting edge of strengths coaching science and application.

Connect With a Powerful Community of Coaches

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, you will experience the opportunity to learn from - and share with - your peers.

Tune into our webcasts for insights and stories from expert coaches. Read original editorial content created by coaches for coaches. You can also share your valuable ideas and information with others through these and other media curated with Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches in mind.

And don't miss out on joining the ongoing conversations with other coaches in our private groups on social media outlets like Yammer and Facebook.

What Are the Greatest Benefits of Being Part of the Community of Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches?

"Support. If I have a question, I can post it to the community, and I know that when I wake up, a solution will be there. You get unparalleled access to Gallup. I love the content like Called to Coach and Theme Thursdays and being able to ask questions live. You can tell the passion Gallup has for it!" - Carol Anne McGuire

"The sharing and collaboration are amazing. It's like having a bank of worldwide business experts and coaches on hand. If you have a query or problem, someone is there to help. The wealth of knowledge and experience is massive." - Charlotte Blair

"I appreciate the like-minded people with different perspectives to bounce ideas off of - from pricing to stories to structures to activities. The Gallup-Certified Coaches Directory is essential for getting clients. The alignment to Gallup helps you stand out." - Becky Hammond

Why should you become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach?

"It gives you credibility and brand recognition. Gallup provides competence backing; it's a great brand behind you." - Ryan Haumond, Utah

"It gave me a tool that is more powerful than all of the others out there." - Alex Wong, Singapore

"The certification gave me the power to talk the language of strengths. It got people to a different level of understanding on how to use their strengths. It gave clients a way to navigate their lives. It helps get something out of people." - Nicole Seichter, Michigan

"The certification was foundational. It set the stage. It fed my Learner theme. It helped me to feel competent, created credibility and clients enjoy getting the credibility that comes from the certification. Gallup gave me an invaluable network of peers. They have been instrumental in the growth of my business. I love the different perspectives." - Becky Hammond, California

"If I were not certified, I wouldn't have got the opportunities to work with the organizations I have." - Charlotte Blair, Australia

"I am a better coach as a result of the certification, and that has its own positive impact. Certification plays an important role in my ability to deliver quality services to really great clients. My growth is organic in nature, and in most cases, my footprint inside a company increases. That's because I do good work." - Maureen Monte, Michigan

"For credibility. Gallup is so respected; the Gallup brand gets me clients. They're backed by extensive research. This is comprehensive training, and Gallup gives you continual support. They bring a global solution down to address local challenges." - Keith Baldwin, Alaska

"As a paid professional development designer who attends numerous conferences every year, the professional development I received from Gallup was the best! The certification gave me a 'stamp of approval' that I did the work -- that was important to me. Knowing that Gallup approves you is important." - Carol Anne McGuire, California

The following are a collection of frequently asked questions about becoming a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.

Can't find what you're looking for? Email with any questions you might have.

How long will it take to complete the certification process?
The certification process can be completed in as little as 30 days. The timeline ultimately depends on your diligence in completing the application, exam and requesting others to complete the six required coaching evaluations. Note: You must complete the entire certification process within six months of completing the coursework.

Is there a certification application fee?
There is no certification application fee. However, Gallup does not provide the CliftonStrengths access codes for the six individual coaching sessions that comprise the evaluation step; those are your responsibility to purchase.

Why do you need my personal information on the application?
Like many professional certification applications, ours asks for some basic demographic information. Additionally, our application asks for your language and communication preferences, so we can better communicate with you in the future.

How should I prepare for the exam?
The exam covers the key concepts from the course(s), including the principles of strengths-based development, themes, theme dynamics and coaching principles.

Review the key concepts from the course(s) you completed. Refer to your learning journal and reference the learning resources provided in the other materials you received.

When is the earliest date I can take the exam? Can I take the exam immediately after I complete the course?
You must first submit the certification application before taking the exam. Once Gallup processes your application, you will receive an email inviting you to take the exam at your earliest convenience. Usually, this occurs within five days.

How will my coaching be evaluated on the coaching evaluation form?
The coaching evaluation form is comprised of seven statements focused on your coaching effectiveness. Raters will respond to each statement using a 5.0-point scale.

The coaching evaluation statements are:

  • Overall value of the coaching session.
  • My coach understood my strengths.
  • My coach and I generated insights that will improve my effectiveness.
  • My coach helped me to see how my strengths impact my relationships.
  • Afterwards, I immediately saw how my strengths increase productivity.
  • The time I spent with my coach was a fantastic investment for me.
  • I would recommend my coach to my closest colleagues.

How do I know how I am doing on the evaluations?
Once you receive six completed coaching evaluations, you will receive an email informing you of your results and next steps.

What tools can I use as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach?
You can use all of the tools given to you from the course, along with all tools provided through the various channels Gallup oversees for strengths coaching. See the Copyright Guidelines inside the Strengths Coaching Starter Kit and the Coaching Managers and Teams Kit for full information on how to use the materials provided.

Why should you become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach?

"It gives you credibility and brand recognition. Gallup provides competence backing; it's a great brand behind you." -- Ryan Haumond, Utah

"It gave me a tool that is more powerful than all of the others out there." - Alex Wong, Singapore

"There are 7 billion people in the world. Imagine if all 7 billion received coaching to maximize their potential this week. It would change how humans develop. Even being coached just once per year to develop strengths can dramatically change one's life journey and improve the odds for an extraordinary life."
- Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO, Gallup

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