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The One Piece of Advice for Your Healthcare Organization That Won't Change

There's a lot of change happening in healthcare right now. But there's one thing that won't change.

Your nurses, physicians and staff will remain your biggest assets. And they will make or break the success of your merger and acquisition, adoption of new technology or transition to patient-centered care.

So do you know what they need to succeed today? You've come to the right place to find out.

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How to Reduce Spans of Control in Nursing

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Client Successes

Get the same results the best healthcare organizations get.

Some of the most prestigious healthcare organizations use our expertise to take care of their people.

We've helped them lower turnover, improve patient satisfaction and mortality, and get financial returns.


Increase in operating margin using a combination of Gallup's solutions.


Decrease in RN turnover through Gallup's selection science and employee engagement methods.


Reduction in mortality by implementing Gallup's employee engagement best practices.

About Gallup Healthcare

Imagine having the lowest turnover & the highest patient satisfaction you've had in years.

How do you think you can get there?

By hiring nurses who aren't the right fit? By appointing managers who focus on weaknesses? By not having a proven employee development plan?

Or, a different option: Hiring nurses who were "born to be a nurse." Setting your managers up for success with the right tools. Developing your employees to know and do what they do best every day.

Easy answer, right? This is what Gallup solutions can help you achieve.

And we have 70+ years of research and results to back us up.

Our Solutions

Your financial resources are valuable. So it's important for you to get results.

Don't worry. We can demonstrate the return on investment before you start.

We can meet your needs, no matter your size or specific objectives.

Explore our range of solutions to learn more.

Team management, made easier.

Use our platform to simplify the human side of healthcare (and watch the results pour in).

No one wants a bad boss.

Send your managers to the world's best training before your turnover increases again.

When you pinpoint what people do best, they work better.

Learn each of your employees' strengths.

Attract and hire the best in your field.

Achieve better results by hiring top performers.

Talk with someone from Gallup about the right solution for you.

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Tools & Technology For Better Healthcare Management

Make People Management Faster, Easier & More Effective (Than Ever).

Gallup Access is an online platform that supports every stage of the employee lifecycle. View and create reports or send out a survey to learn more about your people.

Your nurses and physicians work hard and move quickly. Enhance their employee experience and engagement with your organization by getting to know them better.

Connect with Gallup to learn more about how we can help your healthcare organization.


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