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Church Leaders and Declining Religious Service Attendance

Church attendance has been edging down in the U.S., and a decline in "outstanding" local church leaders could be a factor.

An Update on Catholics in the U.S.

American Catholics, about 23% of the U.S. adult population, remained positive about Pope Francis in early August, giving him a 78% favorable rating.

Catholics' Church Attendance Resumes Downward Slide

After stabilizing in the mid-2000s, weekly church attendance among U.S. Catholics has resumed its long-term decline. Protestant attendance remains steady.

Pope Francis Favorability Down Sharply in U.S.

Amid renewed allegations of priest sex abuse, Americans' favorability toward Pope Francis has declined sharply. U.S. Catholics' opinions are unchanged.

Gallup Vault: In 1965, the Catholic Church and Birth Control

In 1965, most U.S. Catholics who knew the Catholic Church's views on the issue said they believed the church would eventually approve of some kind of birth control. A substantial majority of this group said the change would happen relatively ...

Over Four in 10 in U.S. Now Say Teen Sex Morally Acceptable

U.S. adults remain more likely to say that sex between teenagers is morally wrong (54%) than morally acceptable (42%). But the percentage who find it acceptable has grown since 2013.

Sermon Content Is What Appeals Most to Churchgoers

Worshippers rate sermons teaching about faith or why it matters in their lives as the top reasons they attend, while those who do not attend say preferring solitary worship is the main reason.

Confidence in Religion at New Low, but Not Among Catholics

Americans' confidence in organized religion has dropped dramatically over the past four decades, hitting an all-time low this year of 42%. While Protestants' confidence in the church is also at a new low, Catholics' has stabilized.

Trust Differs Most by Ideology for Church, Police, Presidency

Conservatives are far more likely than liberals to have confidence in the church and in the police, while liberals are more likely to trust the presidency, organized labor and newspapers.

Military, Small Business, Police Still Stir Most Confidence

Americans' confidence in institutions is broadly stable, but organized religion has sunk to another low while big business and banks have recovered slightly.
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