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Older Americans' Use of Facebook Up From 2011

The percentage of adults younger than 30 who use Facebook has not changed since 2011, but older adults are more likely now to have a Facebook page.

Facebook Users' Privacy Concerns Up Since 2011

Americans who use Facebook and Google are more concerned about invasion of privacy on those platforms than they were in 2011.

Worries About Personal Data Top Facebook Users' Concerns

A majority of U.S. Facebook users (55%) are "very concerned" about the sale of their personal data to other companies, making this their top Facebook-related worry.

Americans' Views on News Content From Internet Companies

U.S. adults disagree with major internet companies acting as disseminators and editors of news, especially when that content is tailored to user by behavior.

Small Business' Use of Social Media, E-Commerce

A substantial percentage of small businesses in the U.S. report having no active social media strategy or use of e-commerce for customer interactions.

How to Make Expert Ethical Decisions in the AI Era

Learn how to maintain an ethical culture during the AI disruption -- the key lies in your employees' moral reasoning and real-time decision-making.

What Americans Thought of Nazis, the Holocaust and Refugees

Learn what Americans knew about the Holocaust as it occurred from Gallup poll data captured in the 1930s and 1940s.

Every Channel Matters When Engaging Bank Customers

Over the past decade, the lens through which customers view their bank and through which banks view their customers has shifted considerably.

BRATMO, Mobile, and Social -- The Latest Stats on Channel Usage

Channel usage is one of the most debated -- and important -- topics in retail banking. Certain patterns are recognized as near universal across the industry, driven by broader societal trends.

Americans Say Social Media Have Little Sway on Purchases

More than three in five Americans (62%) say social media have no influence at all on their purchasing decisions. Rather, the vast majority use social media to connect with people they know.
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