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Global Warming Age Gap: Younger Americans Most Worried

Americans' level of concern about global warming declines by age group, with younger adults more likely to worry and say the effects have already started.

Global Warming Concern Steady Despite Some Partisan Shifts

Americans' views about global warming haven't changed much in the past year, but partisans have become somewhat more polarized.

Global Warming Concern at Three-Decade High in U.S.

Americans' concerns about global warming are at peak levels in Gallup's trends, including a record 45% saying they worry "a great deal" about it.

Half in U.S. Are Now Concerned Global Warming Believers

On the issue of global warming, a new statistical analysis categorizes 50% of Americans as "Concerned Believers," 19% as "Cool Skeptics" and 31% as the "Mixed Middle."

Democrats Drive Rise in Concern About Global Warming

Democrats' concerns about global warming have reached new heights, further widening an already huge partisan gap on the issue.

College-Educated Republicans Most Skeptical of Global Warming

For Republicans, having more education increases skepticism of global warming, rather than decreases it. For Democrats, the opposite is true.

Conservative Republicans Alone on Global Warming's Timing

Conservative Republicans are the only major political party/ideology group to believe the effects of global warming will not happen in their lifetime. They are also the only group to say global warming is due to natural changes in the ...

U.S. Concern About Global Warming at Eight-Year High

Americans are taking global warming more seriously today than at any time in the past eight years, according to Gallup's annual environment poll. Along with increased concern, a record percentage blame human activity for the warming.

U.S. Views on Climate Change Stable After Extreme Winter

U.S. Views on Climate Change Stable After Extreme Winter

New Series: Where Americans Stand on the Environment, Energy

Be among the first to read Gallup's new series on Americans' views of global warming, environmental issues and energy policies.
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