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Gallup Vault: Public Supported Therapeutic Abortion in 1962

A majority of Americans in 1962 backed a U.S. woman's decision to have an abortion in Sweden after she took a drug known to cause birth defects.

Acceptance of Gambling Reaches New Heights

A record-high 69% of Americans now say gambling is morally acceptable -- further evidence that the shift toward more liberal views on social issues continues.

Moral Acceptability of Cloning Animals Hits New High

Forty percent of Americans find cloning animals morally acceptable, a record high. This is nearly three times the 16% who say the same about cloning humans.

More Americans Say Pornography Is Morally Acceptable

More than four in 10 Americans (43%) now say pornography is morally acceptable, a seven-percentage-point increase from last year.

5 Things to Know About Evangelicals in America

Americans' identification as born-again or evangelical has stayed remarkably stable since 1991, even as other indicators show Americans becoming less religious.

Gallup Vault: 50 Years Ago, Was U.S. a "Sick Society"?

Before he was killed, Martin Luther King Jr. declared the nation "sick," tying this to racism and violence. Nevertheless, 58% of Americans disagreed.

Migrant Acceptance in Canada, U.S. Follows Political Lines

Canada and the U.S. are both among the top 10 most-accepting countries in the world for migrants, but Canadians are more open to migrants than their neighbors.

Catholics' Church Attendance Resumes Downward Slide

After stabilizing in the mid-2000s, weekly church attendance among U.S. Catholics has resumed its long-term decline. Protestant attendance remains steady.

The Religious Regions of the U.S.

The Southwest and Southeast regions remain the most religious in the U.S., while the Pacific and New England regions are the least religious.

U.S. Teachers Prioritize Gun Control to Prevent Shootings

U.S. school teachers overwhelmingly say stricter gun laws and bans on assault weapons are the best ways to prevent future school shootings.
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