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Jay Freeman

Senior Adviser

Jay Freeman is a Senior Adviser to Gallup. He brings his expertise in financial services and retail banking and experience as a Gallup client to Gallup and its clients, advising them on strategies to deepen customer relationships and increase market share and profitability.

Jay is a native of Houston, Texas and began his banking career there in 1979. He joined Wells Fargo in 1996 through the acquisition of Victoria Bancshares, where he served as Executive Vice President. He managed Victoria's Community Bank, including its retail and commercial banking operations.

For the past 12 years, Jay led Sales & Service Development (SSD) within Wells Fargo's Community Bank. Under his leadership, SSD reported and analyzed sales and service data and developed best practices, including the customer experience improvement program "11 Ways to WOW!" SSD also provided regional marketing support, coordinated learning and development, and developed strategic communications for Wells Fargo Community Bank. Wells Fargo is the leading retail bank in the United States. Guided by its vision and mission to satisfy all its customers' financial needs and help them succeed financially, the bank has seen its retail bank household cross-sell increase by 62% over the last decade.

Jay received his bachelor's degree in business administration (finance) from the University of Houston. He is currently serving a third term as Chairman of the Board of the Bank Administration Institute. He and his wife, Cindy, live in Folsom, California.


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