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Strengths-Based Workplaces

The Replacement for Annual Reviews

Building a strengths-based workplace is transformational and the new high-performance culture for teams.

Creating a culture of coaching and intensive development

Chief executive officers and chief human resource officers of Global 2000 companies have made command decisions to replace their outdated performance management systems. Instead of forcing managers to assign rankings and complete once-a-year performance reviews, these forward-thinking leaders are transforming their companies into strengths-based workplaces to meet the changing will of the workplace, driven in part by the demands of millennials.

The best-managed companies in the world build a strengths-based culture by giving all associates the CliftonStrengths assessment. Developed by Don Clifton, the Father of Strengths Psychology, CliftonStrengths provides the basis for meaningful coaching and ongoing conversations that create a culture of coaching and intensive development.

In a strengths-based culture, employees have the opportunity to do what they do best every day. Their development is grounded in what they do right, not what they do wrong. As a result, employees look forward to going to work, achieve more while they are there and stay with their company longer. Companies can all but eliminate active disengagement by emphasizing strengths over weaknesses: Managers who predominantly focus on employees' strengths reduce active disengagement to an astoundingly low 1%.

Gallup has spent more than50 years creating and refining the science of strengths.

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Employees who receive strengths-based development realize an increase of as much as 23% in their engagement.

Workgroups that receive strengths-based development achieve an increase in profit of as much as 29%.

Use proven strategies to create a culture of strengths.

Building a strengths-based workplace is transformational -- and possible.

Gallup has helped some of the world's best companies build and sustain a culture of strengths. From aligning leaders around a shared vision and providing coaching for managers to taking employees through the CliftonStrengths assessment, we use proven strategies to bring out the very best in people.

Gallup believes in meeting its clients where they are -- and making adjustments as circumstances evolve. Gallup's approach is flexible and designed to guide organizations through all stages of cultural change. In general, strengths-based cultures are defined and built in three phases:

  • Create an understanding of strengths and the principles and philosophies that define a strengths-based culture.
  • Turn strengths into an integral part of individual, team and organizational behavior.
  • Continuously reinforce and energize strengths-based principles.

Gallup has designed activities for each of these phases to help the organization, as well as teams and individuals, build and sustain a strengths-based culture.

Managing Change With a Strengths-Based Approach

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Creating Cultural Transformation With a Strengths-Based Approach

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Higher Engagement and Strengths-Based Programs Boost Student, Teacher Performance at Flagging School District

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Transform your culture.

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