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Women: Work and Life Well-Lived

Attend this new 6-hour workshop to learn everything you need to know to attract, retain and engage a gender-diverse workforce.

What does the workshop cover?

Learn what Gallup research has discovered about why and how organizations like yours should create an ideal work culture for women.

In the Women: Work and Life Well-Lived Workshop, you can expect to:

  • discover what makes work worthwhile for women, according to more than 50 years of Gallup research and analytics
  • examine your organization's culture and practices compared to the desires of today's professional women and how to be exceptional when competing for the best talent
  • learn how to apply Gallup's recommendations for attracting, engaging and retaining women in your workplace, enabling your organization to maximize its performance

Topics include:

  • how to focus on flexibility
  • how to make work personal
  • how to relentlessly pursue female talent

You will leave the workshop with the confidence and courage necessary to lead a change effort in your organization.

Workshop Attendees Gain Access to the Full Report

By attending this workshop, you will also receive the full version of Gallup's Women in America: Work and Life Well-Lived report.

This unprecedented 94-page report discusses in detail the insights and recommendations leaders can use to attract, retain and engage women in the workplace.

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