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Build a Strengths-Based Culture

When you develop each person to their highest potential, you'll achieve exceptional performance on the individual, team and organizational level.


Develop your leaders, managers and employees based on their unique talents.

The best organizations that use CliftonStrengths in their mission, values and processes see better outcomes in all the metrics that matter to leaders:

  • 15% higher employee engagement
  • 7% higher customer engagement
  • 29.4% higher profit
  • 72% lower attrition in high-turnover organizations
young woman presenting to an engaged team
increase in employee engagement.

Strengths-based development drives exceptional performance.

If you infuse CliftonStrengths into your culture, you can see up to a 23% increase in employee engagement

Want to know more about the CliftonStrengths assessment?

Get to know the assessment -- formerly known as the Clifton StrengthsFinder -- that forms the basis of a strengths-based culture.


The 5 stages of building a strengths-based culture.

All five stages are necessary to build a successful strengths-based culture. In our initial consultation, we'll meet you where you are in the process and will partner with you to build from there.

Start with the CEO or executive sponsor.

Strengths must be important to leaders for it to be important to the organization.

Give every employee the opportunity to discover their strengths.

Strengths gives teams a common language to use when they collaborate.

Build an internal network of strengths coaches.

They'll serve as internal advisers, providing managers with practical insights and tools.

Integrate strengths into performance management.

Managers can lead teams to better performance when they understand each team member's strengths.

Transform your internal programs.

You'll need to rethink programs throughout the employee experience that focus on weakness.


CliftonStrengths On-Site Consulting

consultant giving feedback to a leader
Organizational Structure and Programs Audit

We'll examine your current state and provide recommendations for infusing strengths-based development throughout your organization.

consultant presenting a strengths-based approach
Employee Experience Mapping

We'll outline your organization's employee experience and life cycle for employees and managers to identify areas to embed a strengths-based approach.

leaders in a planning session
Visioning and Planning Session

We'll discuss CliftonStrengths' impact on your organization's performance and show you how to build a strengths-based culture.

man leading a workshop
Planning Workshop

We'll explore integration opportunities, align strategies, optimize implementation plans and build a three-year tactical plan for your organization.

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