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Create a Thriving Campus Climate and Culture

Gallup's advice and analytics cultivate and support thriving, engaged learning communities. Learn more about how Gallup can help your institution inspire inclusion, implement change management and promote a healthy campus culture.

"Creating a healthy educational experience is about building one in which faculty and staff members and students are able to bring their whole selves to work and school. It requires higher education leaders to commit to the principles of employee engagement for their faculty and staff members and to invest in their employees' and students' career, physical, financial, social and community wellbeing."

Stephanie Marken, Executive Director, Education Research at Gallup

Clear the air on campus free speech.

Gallup partnered with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Newseum Institute to examine how college students and adults in the U.S. feel about the security of First Amendment rights and free speech. Read our research findings to hear what they had to say, including differences by gender, race and political identity.

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Navigate diversity and inclusion on college campuses.

Gallup's research finds that issues of inclusion and campus climate are strongly related to student well-being. And workplace engagement among campus employees is a strong predictor of their feelings of inclusion. Bolster your institution's commitment to inclusion and diversity with Gallup's analytics, advice and change management strategies.

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Promote campus well-being and create thriving learning communities.

Campuses that examine and promote student and staff well-being realize the value of a thriving learning community and can better fulfill their central promise -- to set graduates on a course for meaningful, fulfilled and successful lives. Align your institution's resources, practices and policies to create an environment that supports growth and empowers fully engaged students, alumni, faculty and staff.

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Discover Culture and Climate Solutions for Your Campus

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