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Transform your approach from almost anywhere in the world with our virtual learning options. Learn more about our virtual learning courses.

Lead like the best managers in the world

Enroll in the Gallup Manager Program, our premiere management developmental solution, and learn how to coach employees to grow, thrive and win.

The management training and development you’ve been looking for

Great managers coach people to succeed. With the principles, tools and techniques taught in the Gallup Manager Program, ordinary managers learn to be truly inspiring coaches.

Focus on natural strengths

Use CliftonStrengths® to create near-perfect performance

Engage employees

Build enthusiastic, committed teams

Develop performance

Coach teams that continually improve

What to expect in our management development program

Live & Self-Paced Learning
  • In-Depth Instruction
  • Opportunities to Practice Course Concepts
  • Coaching After the Course From a Gallup Coach
  • Self-Paced Modules for Sustained Learning
Tools & Resources for Managers
  • Coaching Guides
  • CliftonStrengths 34 Report
  • CliftonStrengths for Managers Report
  • CliftonStrengths and Engagement Resources

Solve the most common challenges of people management

Use our conversation guides, practical advice and peer-to-peer experiences to improve people management practices related to:

  • making the most of your team's strengths
  • enhancing your team's engagement
  • leading difficult conversations
  • optimizing performance development strategies

What makes a successful team? The manager.

70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager. This means managers affect virtually every part of a team's success:

  • willingness to go the extra mile
  • quality of work
  • innovation
  • commitment
  • productivity
  • wellbeing
  • sales
  • safety
Learn how to engage your team

How to keep employees from leaving your organization

Great managers reduce turnover more effectively than any other role in your organization. The Gallup Manager Program reveals how to retain employees using commitment-building principles, tools and techniques that stand the test of time.

42% of exiting employees

say their manager or organization could have done something to prevent them from leaving.

Give teams the leadership they want

Gallup research shows that employees want something new from managers.

People expect managers to give them:
  • Clear expectations
  • Coaching
  • Ongoing development

We teach you how to give teams the purpose and development they want -- so they give you the performance you need.

Learn A Great Manager’s Most Important Habit

Inspired teams, better business

Client build-outs, revenue and quality earnings result from team inspiration. Who inspires a team? The manager. Manager development is your organic growth strategy just waiting to be unlocked.

Developing managers into leaders is more important than ever
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