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Make People Management Your Organic Growth Strategy

One manager can make or break a team. A group of managers can make or break an organization. Send your team leaders on the Boss to Coach Journey. They'll learn how to drive organizational goals and strengthen workplace culture by coaching, engaging and developing employees, all while raising performance to new heights.

Learning Journey Details

Learning Journey Name
The Boss to Coach Journey
(Includes Two Parts)
  • Boss to Coach One
  • Boss to Coach Two
A blended learning experience that includes live and self-paced learning
One dedicated course leader
The Changing Workplace
  • The New Definition of a Good Job
  • The Gallup Path
The Boss to Coach Solution
  • What Employees Want
  • Management to Development
  • The Gallup Performance Development Model
The Breakthrough of Strengths
  • It's More Than an Assessment
  • 34 CliftonStrengths
  • Use Your Strengths as a Manager
  • When Strengths Get in the Way
Becoming a Coach
  • Build a Trusting Relationship
  • Coaching Best Practices
Strengths-Based Coaching
  • Clues to Strengths
The Role and Relationship Conversation Build a Strengths-Based Team
  • Four Domains of Team Strength
  • Team Strengths Grid
The Science of Engagement
  • The Q12 and Engagement Hierarchy
  • Three Levels of Engagement
  • Engagement Drives Business Outcomes
Engagement-Focused Coaching
  • Clues to Engagement Needs
  • Engagement Every Day
Ongoing Coaching
  • Weekly Coaching
  • Coaching Performance Challenges
  • Coaching Conflict
  • The Five Conversations That Drive Performance
Build an Engaged Team
  • State of the Team Conversation
  • Team Engagement
Developing Performance
  • Performance-Oriented Coaching
  • Progress on Goals
The Changing Workplace
  • The New Definition of a Good Job
  • The Boss to Coach Solution
  • The Gallup Performance Development Model
  • Becoming a Coach
Ongoing Coaching Conversations
  • The Five Conversations That Drive Performance
Coaching Performance Challenges
  • Notice a Performance Challenge
  • Coaching Performance Challenges
  • Coaching Severe Performance Challenges
Coaching Conflict
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Conflict
  • Potential for Conflict
  • The Power of Strengths and Engagement to Mitigate Coaching
The Power of Recognition
  • The Best Recognition
  • Make Recognition a Team Sport
  • Give Recognition Every Day
Performance-Oriented Coaching
  • Clues to Performance Drivers
  • Use Strengths and Engagement to Drive Performance
Progress on Goals
  • The Current State of Your Progress Reviews
  • Look at Performance Holistically
  • Quantitative Metrics and Employee Actions
  • Coaching That Drives Performance
  • Progress on Goals Conversation
Coaching in Action
  • Using Coaching to Address Common Issues
  • Coaching Burnout
Implement and Sustain Your Approach to Performance Development
  • Implementing an Enhanced Performance Development Model
  • Make the Most of the Additive Effect
  • Put Your Learning Into Practice
  • The Best Coaches
  • CliftonStrengths 34 Report
  • Coaching Guides for Individuals and Teams
  • Action Planning Tool
  • Two-Year Access to the It's the Manager Suite of On-Demand Learning
  • Two-Year Basic Gallup Access CliftonStrengths Subscription
  • Precourse Call With a Gallup Course Instructor
  • Conversation Guide for Leaders
  • Two-Year Superuser Access to Gallup's Learning Management System
  • Gallup Access Onboarding Session
  • Participants who successfully complete the virtual learning journey can earn professional credit hours from HRCI (54 hours) and SHRM (53 hours).
  • Participants who successfully complete the blended learning journey can earn professional credit hours from HRCI (59 hours) and SHRM (59 hours).
  • After completing the Boss to Coach Journey and passing the certification exam, participants become Gallup-Certified Managers for three years.
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About the Learning Journey
What Is the Boss to Coach Journey?

The Boss to Coach Journey is a learning journey for team leaders. It combines live, instructor-led courses with on-demand learning, coaching calls and meaningful peer-to-peer experiences -- for the sole purpose of developing managers who:

  • lead teams to their highest achievements
  • sustain performance at unprecedented levels
  • improve team members' lives
  • make your ideal company culture a reality
  • create organic growth for any organization in any industry

Use the Journey in response to this simple reality: Today's employees don't want a boss. They want a coach. They demand meaningful work, ongoing feedback and opportunities to learn and grow.

Rooted in the science of Gallup's bestseller It's the Manager, the Journey enables managers to understand -- and provide -- what today's teams need to perform at their best.

The Boss to Coach Journey is:

  • Customizable. Your organization is as unique as the people in it. The Journey is a truly custom-fit manager development experience that adapts to your culture, circumstances and goals.
  • Scalable. No matter your organization's size, industry or structure.
  • Global. Anywhere in the world, the Boss to Coach Journey is ready for you.
Learning Outcomes
What a Manager Will Learn

The Boss to Coach Journey prepares managers to tackle critical employee challenges and support team performance by having strengths-based, engagement-focused and performance-oriented coaching conversations.

In the Boss to Coach Journey, managers will learn to:

  • understand and apply their unique strengths in their role
  • implement best practices for using CliftonStrengths with individuals and teams
  • apply principles of engagement to produce excellent performance
  • practice effective ongoing conversations with individuals and teams
  • master the coaching of performance challenges and conflict
  • coach common workplace issues
  • optimize conversations about progress on goals
  • plan the implementation and sustainment of an effective approach to performance development
What Makes This Learning Journey Unique
With our most powerful methods in a single solution, you can finally retire your patchwork of manager training programs.

The Boss to Coach Journey teaches managers how to achieve record-breaking results in three vital areas.

Strengths-Based Development

People who know what they're naturally good at -- and have a chance to develop their strengths -- are happier on a daily basis, produce high-quality work, more of it, with fewer errors and more enthusiasm.

Focusing on strengths is the ultimate shortcut for developing employees.

We have long pioneered the art and science of strengths-based development. We invented the CliftonStrengths assessment, which more than 25 million people have taken.

Check out what happens when organizations develop employees' strengths.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees fuel organizations. They revel in achieving organizational goals. They look out for each other while taking care of customers. They're innovative, committed and productive. And here's the best part: Employees want to be engaged. Why? Because engagement gives employees the deep satisfaction of having their fundamental needs met.

Gallup leads the world in engagement science. Read our latest study: Download the executive summary or the full report.

Performance Development

Our performance development model isolates the three essential activities managers must master to consistently improve an employee's performance. Employees don't want a manager who only issues commands and dictates behavior. Employees want a coach. And coaching works: When managers provide weekly feedback, team members are 3.2x more likely to strongly agree they are motivated to do outstanding work.

Learning Journey Content
What a Manager Can Expect
The learning journey includes more than 50 hours of content and the following components:
In-Depth Instruction

The best Gallup instructors bring our latest discoveries, unrivaled advice and most effective management skills to life through interactive and media-rich discussions, practice and small-group activities.

Sixteen Self-Paced Learning in Action Modules

Learning in Action modules help participants implement what they have learned, share their achievements and progress with their peers and managers to sustain effective changes.

Two Two-Hour, Live, Online Cohort Calls With a Gallup Instructor

Midway through the two sets of Learning in Action modules, the cohort meets to share successes and ideas about implementation.

Two 60-Minute Coaching Calls

During two one-on-one calls with each participant, a Gallup coach solidifies learning, guides development and highlights the relevance of the participant's journey.

Gallup's Manager Certification

Team leaders who pass a final test of their knowledge become Gallup-Certified Managers, ranking them among the most expertly trained managers in the world.

How It Works
Teams and organizations become more productive and profitable.

When managers learn to create organic growth through human development, the highest levels of organizational success come within reach.

Boss To Coach In The Spotlight
Join a Webinar on the Boss to Coach Journey.

Get more information and make sure this learning journey is right for your managers. Connect with a Gallup expert and ask your most important questions.

In The Workplace
Your workplace issues, taken care of.

People are the heart of your workplace. Understand them, and you'll know how to solve your workplace problems, seize opportunities and outperform your competitors. The Boss to Coach Journey will answer some of the most important workplace questions and issues.

Transform your team management practices. Today's employees don't want a boss; they want a coach. They want, even demand, opportunities to learn and grow, job clarity, accountability, and ongoing feedback. When managers give people what they want and need at work, employees and teams become far more successful.

Transform your culture. Build a culture of strong employee development and high engagement. When employees are developing, so is your organization.

The Boss to Coach Journey prepares managers to respond to your workforce's shifting needs.

Employees are consumers of the workplace. They will shop around until they find the employer who can give them what they want. What do employees actually want? For starters, they want:

  • purpose in their work instead of just a paycheck
  • development rather than mere job satisfaction
  • coaches; not authoritarian bosses

For instance, consider the top three things millennials say they look for when applying for jobs:

  • opportunities to learn and grow
  • quality of manager
  • quality of management

Notice the trend? Managers play an unquestionable role in attracting, retaining, developing and growing today's talent. Graduates of the Boss to Coach Journey don't stop and wonder how to lead today's employees -- they already know.

Transform your workplace culture to one that focuses on developing not only employees but also great managers. Merging and acquiring to expand eventually hits a wall. Gallup analytics finds that most companies can still double their revenue by selling more to their existing customer base. Selling more depends on one person: the manager. Managers hold the keys to team inspiration.

When teams are motivated, client build-outs, revenue and quality earnings increase.

The list of reasons is long, but here are a few:

Engagement. To engage employees, managers must meet a specific set of needs that all employees have. When managers learn to coach with a focus on engagement, many business metrics improve, including sales, productivity, performance and talent retention.

Performance. Performance development is not a once-and-done event -- it should be frequent and meaningful. Continual coaching helps managers and employees create an ongoing dialogue about performance expectations and individualized developmental needs. By having this type of conversation, managers and employees can remove barriers, seize opportunities and adjust expectations when circumstances change.

Wellbeing. Collaborating with employees to improve their wellbeing and reduce burnout requires a solid employee-manager relationship. It requires trust. Coaching creates a pathway for team leaders to build and maintain trust.

The Boss to Coach Journey does more than give managers a list of how-tos and a few techniques for coaching. The journey completely transforms their approach to management, equipping them to build a stronger business for you and better lives for employees.

Move from being a boss to being a coach. Almost 7 trillion dollars are lost each year due to poor management and not engaged or actively disengaged employees worldwide.

Managers hold the solution to this problem. By attending the Boss to Coach Journey, managers learn how to fulfill each employee's basic human needs, inspiring outstanding performance. For instance, participants learn that:

1) People need a manager who understands and coaches them. The manager is the dominant factor in employees' engagement.

2) People need the opportunity for development. The No. 1 reason people change jobs today is career growth opportunities.

3) People need to know what they're good at. When employees know and use their strengths, they are more engaged -- nearly six times more -- and perform better.

Contact us to learn more about the Boss to Coach Journey.

The best management training shouldn't be training at all. To reach their highest potential, many managers need a developmental experience that transforms their approach in a fundamental way.

Engage them at work. It's not the only answer, but it's one of the best.

Gallup's most recent meta-analysis -- a study of many studies -- on team engagement and performance includes data accumulated over the past two decades.

When Gallup analyzed the differences in performance between engaged and actively disengaged business/work units, those scoring in the top quartile on employee engagement significantly outperformed those in the bottom quartile on these crucial performance outcomes:

  • 17% higher productivity
  • 20% higher sales
  • 21% higher profitability

The Boss to Coach Journey equips managers to develop engaged, high-performance employees.

Managers help create the employee experience. How managers feel about their job significantly affects how employees feel about theirs. Each stage of the employee life cycle largely depends on the manager. Any employee experience strategy must account for how managers experience their rolethe manager experience series.

The Boss to Coach Journey helps managers increase their self-awareness, use their strengths and succeed in their role. Actions like these make the work experience better for managers and, as a result, everyone else in your organization.

Get Certified and Take Credit
What You'll Earn

Gallup Certification

With this single learning journey, participants meet the total coursework requirements for Gallup's manager certification. Following the Boss to Coach Journey, managers have one final step: pass the certification exam. After that, they're officially Gallup-Certified Managers.

Gallup-Certified Manager logo.

Professional Credit Hours

Participants who successfully complete the Boss to Coach Journey can earn professional credit hours from HRCI and SHRM. The number of awarded credits varies based on delivery format.

Virtual, Instructor Led
  • HRCI: 54
  • SHRM: 53
Blended Online
  • HRCI: 59
  • SHRM: 59
SHRM Recertification Provider logo.HR Certification Institute logo.
What A Manager Receives
The best management practices, available on
any device.

Managers receive our research-backed digital materials, now more streamlined and interactive than ever.

Included in Journey
It's the Manager
On-Demand Learning
Included in Journey
Coaching Guides for Individuals and Teams
Included in Journey
CliftonStrengths 34 Report
Additional Items Included For Your Organization
  • Precourse call with a Gallup course instructor
  • Conversation Guide for Leaders
  • Two-Year Basic Gallup Access CliftonStrengths Subscription
  • Two-Year Superuser Access to Gallup's Learning Management System
  • Gallup Access Onboarding Session
Return On Investment
What happens when organizations invest in Gallup learning?

The numbers go up. We have measured the results of Gallup learning for nearly two decades. Examining almost 600 companies and 2.5 million employees, we discovered that no matter your industry, location or challenges, Gallup learning can help boost your employee engagement and smash your strategic goals.

Percentage-Point Increase In Employee Engagement
Gallup clients who invested in at least one Gallup course saw an average employee engagement increase of 14 percentage points.

Percentage-Point Increase In Employee Engagement
Clients who invested in Gallup courses in all three main content areas -- strengths, employee engagement and manager development -- saw an average employee engagement increase of 20 percentage points.

Estimated Return
Organizations that invested in Gallup courses realized an estimated return of $1,812 in productivity per employee in the first year.

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You'll get some of our most profound discoveries, made ready to pick up and use right away.

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