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Your leaders have a profound impact on your company's culture, performance and resilience.

And yet, it's still the norm for organizations to use a subjective and often biased approach to selecting and developing them.

Gallup's Leadership Practice equips you to use a scientific approach -- based on more than 50 years of studying leadership behavior -- to put leaders in place who positively influence constituencies and make decisions that sustain your company through market disruptions.

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When leaders thrive, so do organizations.

4x as likely When employees strongly agree that they trust the leadership of their organization, they are 4x as likely to be engaged.

7.5x as likelyEmployees who strongly agree that leaders help them see how changes made today will affect their organization in the future are 7.5x as likely to feel connected to their company culture.

73% less likelyWhen employees strongly agree that the leadership of their organization communicates effectively with the rest of the organization, they are 73% less likely to feel burned out at work.


Lead successfully, even in the face of change.

Even the best leadership tactics fail when unexpected changes happen.

But we've identified more than tactics for leaders to use. Gallup understands the talent, experiences and development that leaders need to be effective and lead your organization through market disruptions now and in the future.

Leadership strength is both innate and developed. So, our approach is multifaceted, combining an analysis of your current leadership bench, the development of your current leaders accordingly, and the pinpointing of future talent needs to create a sustainable future for your organization.


Leadership Team Effectiveness: Accelerate Purpose & Performance

A Complete Solution That Makes Advancing Your Leadership Simpler

Align your leadership and accelerate your organization's performance with our complete leadership consulting solution. Designed to create effective leadership teams with a powerful purpose and improved effectiveness, this holistic consulting offering includes the following:

Qualitative Assessment

Artifact review: Gallup studies how purpose and values cascade in your organization.

Stakeholder interviews: Gallup identifies current strategic initiatives and determines how clear and aligned they are throughout your organization.


CliftonStrengths 34 Report + CliftonStrengths for Leaders Report: Leaders learn their CliftonStrengths theme sequence and think about how their unique strengths can help them lead.

One-on-one coaching: Leaders explore their strengths in an individualized way with a Gallup professional strengths coach.


One-day leadership workshop and facilitated team strategy session: The leadership team forges a clear identity through the lens of strengths, studies the current state of the organization, aligns top priorities and objectives, and creates a strategic plan to address them.

Momentum call: 30 days after the workshop, Gallup guides a follow-up discussion.

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