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Stop Quiet Firing

How to Avoid Quiet Firing in Your Organization

An in-depth analysis of what managers must do to engage and keep their people.

Help Your People Thrive

Why Employee Wellbeing Should Matter to Leaders

Ensuring employees thrive has serious implications for your business.

Law and Order Report

Understanding Law and Order Around the World

Explore people's perceptions of their safety and security in the 2022 edition of our annual Global Law and Order report.

Diet Quality Data

Measuring What the World Eats

Learn how the Global Diet Quality Project addresses unhealthy eating and its effects on health, environments and economies worldwide.


Measuring the Global Indicators of What Matters Most at Work and in Life

We use our unmatched understanding of the human experience to help our clients and the billions of people they serve thrive.

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Learn more about life at Gallup, and find an opportunity to thrive at work.

Media Inquiries

Request a Gallup expert to participate in an interview or another project.

About Us

Get to know who we are, what we do and how we make an impact on the world.