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Voice of the Employee

The State of the Global Workplace in 2024

The majority of the world's employees continue to struggle. Explore the impact on productivity and how your organization can buck the trend.

Global Emotions

Understanding the World's Emotional Health

Positive emotions returned to pre-pandemic levels last year, and negative emotions ticked down for the first time in a decade. Take a closer look at what caused the changes.

Manager Development

The Strengths, Weaknesses and Blind Spots of Managers

Based on our study of 2,729 managers and 12,710 individual contributors on the current state of management and employee versus manager perspectives.

Rating World Leaders

Understanding Global Leadership Approval

Get our latest report on how the world views U.S. leadership compared with Germany, Russia and China.


Partnering With Purpose

Learn how we help our clients identify & solve their most important problems.

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Measuring the Global Indicators of What Matters Most at Work and in Life

We use our unmatched understanding of the human experience to help our clients and the billions of people they serve thrive.

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