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Why Thriving Employees Create a Thriving Business

Gallup's Chief Workplace Scientist and co-author of the new book,
Wellbeing at Work, shares why you should measure and help improve employees' net thriving.

What Is the Mood
of the World?

Gallup's Chairman Jim Clifton and co-author of the new book,
Wellbeing at Work, explains why that question matters so much
and what leaders can do to answer it.

How Your Company Must Measure ESG Standards

The five questions you must ask your employees to understand
and improve your organization's environmental, social
and governance performance.

How to Reboard Your Workforce With Culture in Mind

Five drivers to consider as you create a reboarding strategy
that keeps company culture at the forefront.

The Art & Science of What's Humanly Possible.

There is truth in data, but transformation needs remarkable insights
and guidance. More than consulting, this is analytics and advice in a
category of one.

Our Workplace Solutions

Together, we can create a workplace that empowers your people and business to thrive.

An exceptional workplace is what inspires employees to deliver on your brand promise to customers. Learn how we assess your current company culture and find out what you need to build a high-performing workplace.

Our Public Sector Solutions

What's possible? Discover insights that can change the future of your organization -- and the world.

With our help, you can discover the data you need to make better decisions and create a brighter path for your organization or society. See how we can partner with you to measure and understand the data that matter most to achieve your goals.

Our CliftonStrengths Solutions

Every person has potential. Find out how to develop it using a strengths-based approach.

We invented the CliftonStrengths assessment to help people discover their innate talents and develop their potential. Learn how individuals, teams and organizations can use a strengths-based approach to perform at their best.

Gallup Careers

Change the world a little to a lot every day.

Do what you do best. At Gallup, we use your natural talent and passions to match you with a career that allows you to thrive.