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Workplace Learning That Transforms Your People and Company

Do your company's training programs improve team collaboration and performance for longer than the duration of the course?

With us, you can create a corporate learning strategy that results in a lasting transformation for leaders, managers and individuals -- and a thriving company culture.

Choose from online courses, on-site programs or training resources.


Empower your people to be effective in their roles, no matter what changes they face.

Yesterday's skills can quickly become outdated in today's workplace.

But when your people understand their strengths and the strengths of their colleagues, they become more confident, collaborative, productive and less stressed -- despite change. That's where we come in.

We help you create an environment that supports their agility and development regardless of evolving processes and products.

A lady leading a training session. A team of employees learning together in a modern workplace.

Create a culture of learning where:

  • leaders and managers are equipped to develop and engage their teams on an ongoing basis
  • people understand each other and collaborate more effectively
  • employees feel the investment in their wellbeing and growth
  • everyone is inspired daily to achieve more for your customers
Program Types

Design a learning solution that fits your workplace's unique needs and culture.

Start immediately by using our standard programs. You'll get the best of Gallup's workplace analytics for effectiveness across diverse roles and geographies.

Weave our programs into your existing learning approach. Configured learning gives you the advantages of our standard learning but with a tailored delivery to fit your approach and culture.

Do you have a complex problem to solve? We can create a custom learning approach that fits your business needs and leads to the results you seek.


Choose your preferred mode of learning or a combination of all four.

An instructor teaching a group of employees.

Instructor-led courses

A man completing online courses.

Online courses & modules

A business woman coaching a business man.

One-on-one coaching

A young business woman learning online.

Online tools & materials

People retain what they learn better when they can integrate activities into their work in multiple ways. Use a variety of learning modes to create an effective blended learning solution.

Get Started

Tell us what you're hoping to achieve through a learning program.

Our learning consultants can help you find the right solution for your company. We can help you better understand your learning needs and provide solutions that will make an immediate and long-term impact.


We help you create positive, lasting change in your workplace in four powerful ways:

We help people discover and develop their own unique strengths and understand the strengths of others.
We draw on our extensive research of human nature and workplace analytics to build all our learning programs.
We design each experience to improve employees' day-to-day performance and productivity.
We give employees a new context for their work, empowering them with lasting insights to see themselves, their colleagues and their clients in the best light.

Do Gallup learning solutions work?

The answer is yes. We've measured our learning effectiveness based on research spanning nearly two decades, with almost 600 companies and 2.5 million employees.

And we've discovered that no matter your industry, geography or organizational challenges, our solutions can help you increase your workforce engagement and fuel your business outcomes.

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+14 percentage points
Clients who invest in at least one Gallup course see an average employee engagement increase of 14 percentage points.

+20 percentage points
Clients who invest in courses from Gallup's three content areas see an average employee engagement increase of 20 percentage points.

Organizations that invest in Gallup courses realize an estimated annual return of $1,812 in productivity per employee in the first year.

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What does transformational learning look like in the workplace?

Explore learning content that helps you develop the performance of every employee.

Build a corporate learning strategy that gives you lasting results.

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