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Customer Centricity

Nothing predicts organic growth like having loyal customers. That's why we help your company become more than "customer focused."

We help you place the customer at the core. Of everything.

Gallup's Customer Centricity Practice helps B2B and B2C companies gain an accurate understanding of their customer base so they can build an infrastructure and a highly dedicated workforce that delivers customer-centric experiences -- and fosters more loyal customers.


Become your customers' most trusted partner.

Customers expect more than you know. And loyal customers -- the ones who are 23% more likely to spend with you -- expect even more.

Gallup can help you design your entire business strategy around creating loyal customers. We'll help you become more than just a transactional service to people.

You'll become their most trusted partner.

How? We help you empower every employee to create emotional connections and engaging experiences for customers that drive brand loyalty and advocacy -- and long-term profits.

Fully engaged customers represent a 23% premium in share of wallet, profitability, revenue and relationship growth over the average customer.

Only 26% of U.S. workers believe their organization always delivers on the promises they make to customers.

By increasing customer engagement, our clients have seen increased customer metrics:

Higher sales growth
Increase in customer loyalty
Increase in net profit
Percentile-point increase in customer confidence
A client executive doubled the size of his organization six months post-merger with Gallup's help.
"Gallup has helped us better understand how we're doing with customers with data and facts, making our customers a greater part of our strategy. This information helped us create real plans of action to improve customer engagement and to serve our customers in a fashion more consistent with our strategy."

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Our Framework

Gallup's Customer-
Centricity Framework

What does it mean to be customer-centric? It means your customer engagement strategy becomes a central part of your organizational culture.

Our framework approach not only helps you define and create your optimal customer experience, it helps you sustain it by building a customer-centric culture.

Retain and Grow

Your Customer Base and Market

Leverage analytics to maintain competitive positioning and continuously improve.


Your Customers

Understand who your customers are, what their specific needs are and how ready your organization is to meet them.


Engaging Experiences

Define the end-to-end customer life cycle and align it with how your customers should feel about your brand.


Your Workforce

Build and equip all leaders, managers and teams throughout the organization with the right tools and education to ensure customer needs are met.


Customer Impact Teams

Clarify ownership and give permission to front-line teams to responsibly do what is right for the customer.


High Standards of Service and Value

Consistently deliver to brand promise and monitor performance.


Put your customers at the core. Of Everything.

When you partner with us, we'll help you not only collect the right customer and employee data, we'll help you use it to better make decisions and to create a workplace culture that supports customer-centricity.

Our featured solutions include:

  • Customer segmentation and analytics
  • Strategies to empower customer facing teams
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Proprietary customer survey metrics
  • Service Values: Identifying specific employee behaviors that consistently delight customers.
  • HumanSigma®: Engaging employees in creating engaging experiences for customers.

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Ensure sustainable growth with a customer-centric strategy.

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