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Your Vision for a Better World Starts Here

It's our mission to change the world a little to a lot every day. We do it with analytics, advice and mission-driven partners like you.

Together, we can solve the most pressing problems facing humankind.

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Informing Public Policy

We provide credible evidence and communications strategies to mobilize policymakers.

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Measuring Human Development

We develop novel indicators and track progress on sustainable development goals and societal trends.

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Establishing Thought Leaders

We build strategic partnerships so organizations can contribute to solving societal problems with credible research and communications outreach.

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Transforming Organizations

We improve engagement, development and performance with analytics, consulting and custom research to support organizational goals.

What We Do

What Is Public Sector Work at Gallup?

While we call it public sector, we know that building better lives is a responsibility across government, business, education, nonprofit organizations and the foundations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and more who make up the social sector and civil society.

Our analytics and advice allow us to identify and study data gaps, discover crucial insights and lay the foundation for organizations to build a better world.

Our Methods

Wide-Reaching, Defensible Data When Trust Matters Most

We ask questions in 160 countries and areas and more than 140 languages and bring a global orientation and cross-cultural perspective to every project.

After studying the will of the world for decades, we've developed a unique set of tools to not only gather credible data with tested and trusted methodologies, but also share it with the people who can use it to spearhead measurable change.

Features of public sector projects

What Do We Need to Understand to Make the World a Better Place?

Gallup studies what it means to live well, what it means to thrive and how to make better lives possible.

These issues have driven our mission since we were founded 85 years ago, and they will continue to shape our future.

The Gallup Research Centers are our independent commitment to expanding global knowledge and measuring human development.

Our clients ask important questions. Gallup helps answer them.

What metrics do we need to measure economic development? Is social media good for democracy? How important is work-life balance in determining if a job is good or bad? Where are people happiest? How do we track financial inclusion, lower healthcare costs, change policies and change lives?

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