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Organizational Effectiveness

Does your organization have the right people, processes and structure in place to achieve its goals -- in the most efficient ways?

Gallup's Organizational Effectiveness Practice helps leaders take a holistic approach to organizational strategy creation and execution. We help you identify your optimal path to success and design the most fitting operating model to get you there.

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Identify your organization's purpose and strategy, then align your operating model around them.

Organizational effectiveness starts with your company's "why."

Unfortunately, organizations often fail on this foundational objective because:

Nearly 60% of employees don't know what their organization stands for.

Since most organizations' purposes aren't clear, it follows that their strategies and operating models are misaligned and unable to deliver optimal results.

Before creating an organizational strategy, we help companies crystalize their purpose and examine how effectively their purpose, culture and strategy translate into their operating model.

Then, we help them put the right people, processes and structure in place to achieve their goals.

We help you achieve organizational effectiveness through:

  • Refining or redefining your organization's purpose
  • Analyzing your organizational strategy and creating cultural alignment with it across all levels
  • Optimizing individual and team performance to deliver on the strategy
  • Providing a strong foundation of structure, systems and processes that support and sustain execution

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Our Framework

Gallup's Organizational Effectiveness Framework

To be effective, organizations must first have the right purpose, which answers the question, "Why do we exist?"

The organization's strategy and culture flow from this purpose. Together, they answer the question, "How will our organization fulfill its purpose?"

The strategy and culture are operationalized through the organization's operating model: its people, processes and structure.

Gallup’s organizational effectiveness circle with purpose in the center, then strategy, culture, people, structure and processes on the outer circles.

Take a holistic approach to organizational effectiveness.

We can help you create a seamless operating model, no matter where you are in the process of strategy or structure creation.

Our targeted solutions include:

  • Strategy review and alignment
  • Barriers to productivity analysis
  • Talent optimization
  • Team structures and performance
  • Innovation and agility enhancement
  • Business and decision-making process evaluation and modeling
  • Organization restructuring or realignment

Create efficiency to achieve your organizational goals.

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