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Global Indicators of Workplace Performance & Societal Health

Browse our indicators of progress on what matters most in workplaces and to societies at large and get updates when we release new indicators.

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Workplace Statistics & Public Opinion Trends That Matter

Leaders use our indicators to better understand and make progress on critical issues throughout the public and private sectors.

We don't just track the following official statistics and trends -- we go beyond the data to help leaders identify how to enact real change.

Employee Engagement

Explore global, regional and U.S. employee engagement statistics, and learn why engagement is important for workplace leaders to embrace and prioritize.

Graph of Enganged and Disengaged Employees

Life Evaluation Index

Discover how people rate their lives now and how they expect their lives to be going five years from now using our index dating back to 2005.

Graph showing People Rating Their Lives as Thriving, Struggling and Suffering

Employee Wellbeing

View life evaluation through the lens of employees and understand how much workers feel their employers care about their wellbeing.

Graph of Thriving Wellbeing

Leadership Approval and Trust in Institutions

Learn about our various measures of global leadership, including U.S. satisfaction and U.S. presidential approval.

Graph of US Satification of Satisfied and Dissatisfied

Hybrid Work

Discover where remote-capable employees are working (exclusively remote, hybrid or on-site locations), their experiences in those work arrangements and where they prefer to work.

Graph of US Satification of Satisfied and Dissatisfied

ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance

Discover employees' perceptions of their company's impact on people and the planet, as well as other aspects of ESG in the workplace and around the world.

Graph of ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance of Satisfied and Dissatisfied

Global Statistics to Help Leaders Lead

For as long as Gallup has existed, we've focused on understanding the will of the world.

Our goal is to empower leaders to use that information to accomplish great outcomes for the people they lead. To impact workplace culture. Affect public health and wellbeing. Improve the employee experience. Drive economic growth.

Leaders use our indicators to track and tackle progress on everything from the United Nations' sustainable development goals (SDGs) to measures of success in the workplace, such as foundational elements of organizations' environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) strategies.

We will continue to add to our list of workplace indicators and our official statistics on societal health. And we'll do so with the guiding principle that the indicators we create are intrinsically tied to understanding and improving the lives of the global citizenry.

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